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Dr. Jennifer Caudle  is a Board Certified Family Physician and Assistant Professor at Rowan University in New Jersey. She frequently appears as a health expert on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, HuffPostLive and CBS 3 Philadelphia News. You can find her at her offfical website HERE. 

With all the controversy over immunizations, Dr. Caudle will talk about their importance and if those fears are warranted as kids return to school in a few weeks.

Here is some basic information on newborns, children and pre-teens and what immunizations they should get and when.

Here are some of the arguments against vaccinations and why they are false.

A look at how the anti-vaccination movement got started.

Please tell me if a shingles vaccine is needed?

I recommend the shingles vaccine for those 60 and older. If you have certain medical conditions (pregnancy or severely decreased immune system) you are not eligible for the vaccine.

For the doctor: She got cut off in explaining the side effects of the HPV vaccine. What was her experience? 

I had some pain at the site of the injection that lasted for about a week.

My husband got two vaccines yesterday. What can he do to relieve the pain. He had the tetanus shot you mentioned and a pneumonia shot. 

As long as your doc says it’s OK, Tylenol and Motrin often do the trick!

My daughter got the HPV shot – one dose –  and had  severe daily headaches for a couple months. Is that normal? Would you recommend her taking the other two?

Have you talked with her doctor about her headaches? I ask because the headaches might not be from the vaccine – they might be from something else entirely!

I had genital warts in my 20s and all Pap smears have been clear since. Do I still need the HPV shot?

Yes, I still recommend the HPV vaccine.

What are the side effects of the HPV vaccine? Are they the same for men? At what age should they be taken?

Most common side effects are pain/swelling at the site of the injection. Sometimes folks may feel a little “under-the-weather” after getting vaccines as well but it’s usually temporary. The HPV vaccine for girls age is 11-26, for boys it’s 11-21 (though they can received it up to 26 y/o if indicated).

I asked my doctor about the shingles shot and she told me I could not have it because I”m under the age of 60 and if I was to get it it will cost me $200 to get the shot. If I want it now, insurance won’t pay for it.

The vaccine is FDA approved for use at the age of 50, but is recommended by current guidelines/ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) at the age of 60.

Should people of different races take more or less shots?

Nope. All races are equal. Differences in who should get which shots usually is based on age and medical conditions.

Doctor, Is it true that you should not get the tetanus shot if you are trying to get pregnant?

No, the Tdap vaccine is recommended for pregnant women during each pregnancy.

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