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Despite some initial drama after news of Royalty’s existence broke, Chris has been loving life as a dad. After trying to work out a custody arrangement on their own, he’s been enjoying tons of daddy-daughter time—including a trip to Las Vegas and a huge Father’s Day bash. Apparently, though, the plan they had isn’t working for Nia anymore.

According to, the model has filed for full custody of Royalty because she doesn’t believe that Chris is responsible enough to take of their daughter on his own. Furthermore, she’s not crazy about the company he’s been keeping, either, because she thinks they’ve all got issues with substance abuse! That could be why she also requesting supervised visitation.

After two instances of home invasion inside of a six months—one of which had the potential to turn violent—we can see why a mom might be worried for her child’s safety. Chris doesn’t believe that Nia is actually concerned about his conduct around baby Royalty; he’s convinced that Nia’s simply trying to squeeze some more child support out of him.

Meanwhile a baby is stuck in the middle of this dispute. We’ll all just have to see how this pans out.

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11 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Doesn’t Trust Him With Royalty

  1. They need to check out the free loaner who’s trying to take Chris’s place. We as black women can’t have it both ways. I’m mad at you so therefore you can’t see your child, but give me the $$$. Don’t that no good so and so, deadbeat dad, black men don’t know how to father their children. When are we as women going to stop this type of behavior? Babies are not bank account for women and they aren’t toys for men to toss aside.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Sat that one more time. Once for the Holy ghost, two for the Son, and three for the Father. You are spot on and more people, instead of gender bashing ( not that I expect them to admit it)
      Those words should be spoken the next time we some sort of black people round table instead of who can get in the biggest sound bit.
      You are dead right, sister!!!!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    I believe Royalty’s mom has reason to be concerned but she knew who Chris was when she had this baby. Was she in it for the come-up? Probably. But in the mean time I hope they can work this out because he shouldn’t be kept away from his daughter because of her mom. I hope his gets his life together soon, I’m rooting for him.

  3. She trusted him when she was his side piece. I say supervise them both. If he had any damn sense at all he would go into therapy, get a DNA test (which he hasn’t), get his act together and file for full/sole custody and make her ass pay child support. I am sick of folks using the children as cash cows.

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