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The “Hot Gay Dads” of Instagram have broken up.

People reports that the breakup was revealed to the pair’s 187,000 followers by Caleb Anthony, who stated that he and Kordale Lewis are “no longer together.”


News of the break up comes after Anthony and Lewis captured the nation’s attention last year when they posted a pictured of their morning hair routine with their girls with the caption, “Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am, making breakfast, getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30.”



The Atlanta-based pair has two daughters and a son who range in age between 6 and 8.

Although Anthony and Lewis projected a loving and united vibe in January for a two-minute video produced for Nikon’s “I Am Generation Image” campaign, things were not as it seem as Anthony dropped hints of what led to the split. In his letter.

“Loving someone shouldn’t be hard, it should be easy and stress free,” he writes. “You should never have to question your worth or compromise your morals when you’re with your soulmate.”

While things seemed to point to Anthony and Lewis making an effort to resolve their issues, feelings of “disrespect” ultimately doomed the relationship.

“Neither one of us were perfect in our relationship, but when you are blatantly disrespected by someone who is supposed to be working with you to make y’all better, going to counseling smiling and telling you how much everything is going to work out…it’s over,” Anthony writes as he assured his kids Desmiray, Malia, and Kordale Jr. that the breakup will not prevent him from still being there for them.

“To my beautiful kids, I’ll see you this weekend at mommy’s house; it’s whatever you all want to do!”

“My love for them will always prevail even if ‘Daddy’ and I are no longer together,” he adds.

While “needing” to write the letter “breaks his heart,” Anthony remains positive with the belief that love will ultimately triumph.

“Love truly wins,” he writes, “and I wish the best for Kordale.”

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(Photo Source: Kordel & Kaleb Twitter/Instagram

10 thoughts on “Instagram’s ‘Hot Gay Dads’ Call it Quits

  1. So unatural!! God help us!! He’s looking down, shaking his head. I wonder if there are any regrets on creating humans!!??

  2. Did they really expect to have a long lasting, loving relationship with a name like “Hot Gay Dads,” broadcasting what they do in the privacy of their own home an a daily basis and worst of all, seeking fame, name recognition and attention just for taking care of their children? I’m surprised it lasted this long.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I guess “HOT” is subjective. Maybe if I didn’t know they were gay I might think so, maybe. But since I know, they are not HOT to me. Vaginas and penises are the natural order of things between humans, anything else is not, and having a Christian base has nothing to do with it.

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