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Tennis professional James Blake was ranked as number four in the world. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about being named the chairman of the USTA Foundation.

“This is bringing tennis and education to more kids. It’s something that our sport can always do a better job of. The sport has opened so many doors for me. For me these kinds of things are fun,” Blake said.

On why you don’t see a lot of African American’s playing Tennis:

“You don’t see as many out there. Having role models like Serena and Venus out there certainly help. You see LeBron James on television every five seconds and that’s why kids want to be like him.”

On being influenced by Arthur Ashe and  Caitlynn Jenner receiving the award for courage at the 2015 ESPYs:

“I’m happy to see someone being themselves. If you’re being yourself there is a true statement. She has taken the opportunity to be a voice for her community. There is work to be done to help that community. I hope there can be more barriers broken down and I hope there aren’t that many to go.”

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