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Comedian duo Kym Whitley and David Arnold  are touring the country in their hit comedy show, He Said She Said. They talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about their time on the road, Kym turning down J. Anthony Brown early in their careers and that little piece of advice Sherri Shepherd ignored.

But wait….were J. Anthony Brown and Kym ever an item? Kym did go to his house once but she wasn’t feeling the vibe.

“It was cute, it was a nice big old house. But when I saw him sit down at a sewing machine? It threw me off. I thought he would start crocheting next,” Whitley said.

Well, that chemistry wasn’t meant to be, but Whitley and Arnold’s was. Kym and David got started on Whitley’s reality show Raising Whitley, when David guest starred. Their chemistry was so amazing that they decided to take it on the road.

“The feedback from the fans was so great, we said we should should keep going,” says Arnold. “Kym does her thing, then I go up and do my thing and then we perform together on stage.”  

They are heading to Cleveland this week, Whitley’s hometown.

“If this don’t work in Cleveland, I’m quitting,” she says.

Sherri Shepherd says that if Kym Whitley gives you some advice, you should listen. Sherri says that Kym, who was a bridesmaid, was the only one that gave her the girlfriend heads-up on her last marriage.

“I did it it in sign language,” Whitley says. “Maybe that’s where I went wrong.”

Click the link above to to hear the entire interview including why Arnold says that Sherri helped him as a comedian and why Whitley thinks that women have to stick together, even when they make mistakes.

(Photo: Kym Whitley IG)

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