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EDITORIAL NOTE: This post contains explicit language.

Is it time to call in a specialist for Chris Brown, like really this time?

The troubled, yet talented singer, took to Instagram hours ago to bare his soul about…pretty much everything.

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When u tired of the fucking devil ruining your life and u hear God speak for the first time. No one knows what I deal with on a day to day. The average man wouldn't hesitate to blow his fucking brains out but that's the cowards way out… Most won't understand the genius and beauty in change and learning and the people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term. My soul will always be pure of heart. What's on the surface always looks like one big party but inside there is a little boy looking for help and guidance. People say "be a man". Yeah, that's right but it doesn't take away any pain you really go through. I just wanna stay out the way and do music. Most importantly and great father. I don't have any more patience for anything that will cause me to self destruct!!

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Nothing cheeky to say here. We just hope he gets the help he needs before it’s too late.

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26 thoughts on “Fans Worry Chris Brown Is Suicidal After Cryptic Message Is Posted On Instagram

  1. Narkim's' mom on said:

    Weed yourself of all your ASSociatES… Control your negative energy. Be yourself, just tone it down a bit. Get rid of all the perpertrators. Clean your slate in your entertainment life of your shady family and friends and start anew. Keep it strictly business.

  2. Chris Brown is currently stuck in Manila because he accepted money for a concert he didn’t deliver. Rather than simply paying the money back, he’s trying to weasel his way out of it–going as far as trying to sneak out of the country when he was ordered to stay by the Philippine government. He “found God” yesterday but today he’s trying to get away with theft? The black community needs to stop coddling criminals and start denouncing bad behavior.

  3. Melinda Tesh on said:

    Chris,take the time out to pray,everything you have said and wrote speak it to God,he can and will help you,you are his child and God gave you the gift you have,so rake the time to pray and trust and believe God will see you thru. Love you,keep your head up stay positive.

  4. andrew on said:

    yeah….boy….love your enemies as you let dem get paid…let dem be the anchor of your good music news in every hit…….pap..

  5. Monica on said:

    He clearly said suicide is the cowards way out. He just wants to do music and be a good father. Doesn’t sound like he’s suicidal to me. Go figure.

  6. allan tripler on said:

    the world is war zone man, u get knocked down or pushed back from time to time every day of your life. there things that happen in this world that makes u hate living but the world is also sick, it makes u miserable, suffer and lose all hope of living and if u stop and think about your life u will realize that amidst all the misery, suffering there is always something( however small it is) that makes u smile and u should only think of that when u are badly knocked down

  7. Hades on said:

    Not to change the subject but this is a great place to say this…Why do Catholics & Christians alike always tell you Jesus loves you? Okay a dead man loves everyone!!! Why cant those people tell you they love you instead? Why do they use Jesus as a ploy,scapegoat or shield so that they do not have to love? Look at what the love of Jesus has done to this young man!!! I am trying to use him in thought to help with bringing much needed rain to California due to one of his aquaintences he has…Anyway he’ll be just fine..He will probally use this time and come out with a slamming album that sells close to Thriller!! i believe he is the one who can do it…

  8. Alex04 on said:

    Chris it’s time to concentrate on your daughter. You have alot to live for. When God speaks you have to do what he say to do. It’s not about you anymore it’s about your daughter. You have to sacrifice for your daughter. If you are hanging around people that has bad spirits and are holding you back you need to get rid of those type of friends. You need to be around positive people. You are very intelligent and have alot of skills. Please don’t think about yourself think about your daughter and what she means to you. I’m not perfect but knowing what God can do for you is amazing! Let go and let God. I’m praying for you and your daughter. I have faith in you and I know with God’s help you will make the right decisions in your life.

  9. DDay on said:

    No weapon formed against man shall prosper….Chris sing this Fred Hammond song over and over. You are God’s child and he got you.

  10. Maria on said:

    keep it moving Chris, you have a lot to live for, people will spread haterade, but @ the end of the day Live Your Life To The FULLEST!!!

  11. rudown4me on said:

    This young man is tired….He’s so tired…My heart goes out to him…He’s seeking something that money and fame can’t obtain…PEACE!!!….He’s not only being robbed of his personal possessions but of his peace….God knew what he was doing when he didn’t allow man to be able to obtain peace but only through him…I pray he marry Karr…. raise his baby, and chunk up deuces to the corrupt world called FAME!!!…We act like his feelings don’t matter because he’s rich…Is he not allowed to be angry…disappointed..and Fed up because we made him rich…..

  12. If Chris Brown wants to kill himself, I say good riddance. May he find peace in his decision. As long as he’s alive, he gets no sympathy from me. “The devil” didn’t force Chris Brown to do anything, he made his own choices. He’s not some poor person stuck in an unfortunate situation, he has the means to distance himself from whatever is bringing him down. If he’s serious about changing, actions speak louder than words. Stop begging for sympathy and start earning respect.

  13. anshenise on said:

    This note is definitely not suicidal. He just telling us that he’s tired of being messed with and he just want to live his life. The media is made to make things sound worse than what it really is. Wake up people!

  14. LaLa B on said:

    He’s realized:
    1) Pretending to be a gang member and like he about that life isn’t all that great/comes with severe consequences
    2) That baby mama and her mama are giving him hell and he’s realizing she ain’t the cool chick she pretended to be. Her, her husband and her mom set him up on this baby thing and he’s paying for it dearly
    3) He misses Karrueche and has realized his love for her too late
    4) And we all know the music industry is the devil.
    So not suicidal at all, he’s just a man dealing with life and all his poor decisions publicly

  15. Pamela Burch on said:

    Chris Brown has taken a lot of blows but, how do you let the devil win. It is so hard to see the sun through the clouds, but it’s there. My statement is know that God loves you and want you to succeed. People have a great deal of jealousy for others especially when they know you are good at something. I have to take you back to Malcom X. You can only physically control a few, but mentally control millions.

  16. Kelli on said:

    Nothing about this note sounds suicidal. Not sure what people are talking about. The note sounds like he wants to just be left alone to do music and be a good father. What did I miss?

  17. IanRousseault on said:


    • OMGGG He is not a thug nor is he a rapper he is an entertainer and a damn good one at that..Noone is perfect not even the haters on here posting that crap….Sometimes and often most times people make mistakes and take the worst paths in life only to arrive where god wants please dont judge only God himself has that right…

      • TheDevilIsALiar on said:

        You know they think all black men are thugs! Ignorance is not bliss. Moving on no need to explain.

  18. MacBen on said:

    Light-skinned dude problems. They’re just a little more tender and sensitive than the rest of us. Drake, Prince, El Debarge, Terence Trent D’Arby, that new dude Jidenna and now Breezy.

  19. specialt757 on said:

    I disagree, Chris Brown has everything, and this includes reasons to live. I hope he finds what he needs but I don’t think he’s looking in the right places. He needs to seek guidance from a HIGHer source not his “friends” they obviously don’t have his best interest at heart. I hope he finds it before he self-destructs, once he’s gone, his “friends’ will have to find someone else to leech off of.

    • Tonya on said:

      @Marshall – that’s a terrible thing to say about a person. Suppose someone said that about you.

      He has everything to live for. Just needs to clean house of those “friends” who hang around.

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