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After months of posting about “bae this” and “bae that”, Porsha Williams has finally revealed her new man to the world wide web.



The mystery guy turns out to be Buffalo Bills Safety, Duke Williams. She definitely has a type.



If you remember last year, the ‘RHOA’ star dated another Bills player, LeSean McCoy.


No word on how Duke and Porsha met, but we’ve got to admit, they are kind of cute together.

He took to Instagram to return the love to his #WCE.


What do you think – shady or pure coincidence?

Really! They Dated?
35 photos

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(Photo Source: Porsha Williams, LeSean McCoy Instagram)

23 thoughts on “Revealed: Porsha Williams Shows Off New Man On Instagram [Photos]

  1. depetadeg on said:

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  2. Dymples on said:

    It’s really sad that ppl feel the need to be negative towards something that has nothing to do with them. That’s what’s wrong with America now it’s just too much negativity. How does a person fix their mouth to bash someone they don’t know, aren’t doing anything for, & a person that could care less about what outsiders say, think & feel. Get a life a focus on that becuz bashing her & her man isn’t doing anything for you. If she’s happy who gives a flying fuck about what anyone thinks. Also just becuz you date doesn’t mean you are sleeping with them unless the ones that made the statement does. SMH it’s too many other things to be concerned with for ppl to be focused on these two. Make sure you get out& vote & pay attention to this fucked up election!!!

  3. yaeger on said:

    I don’t know if this is my eye sight or what. In one of Porsha’s swim pics. The left breast looks bigger than the right. Does anyone notice this?

  4. Dare to speak the truth on said:

    Disgraceful ! That’s all that I have to say ! She’s not that hot! Not at all and her friend OMG ! This is going to end horribly !

  5. Supadupaafrochick on said:

    Her body is gorgeous, so is her skin color. Those are the only things nice that I have to say about her.

  6. This is ridiculous. She is promoting guns now? I think she needs an intervention. I was a slight fan, but this chick is off base and needs a good hard slap.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    “…but her IQ is obviously high enough to be a successful black woman” Is this not the same woman who said there were 265 days in a year and asked how did the railroad get underground (referring to the Underground Railroad) or something retarded like that? If you call being “queen of the THOTs” (her words) successful than yes, you’re right by your and her standards she is successful.

  8. Success317 on said:

    Racist opinions as usual. You can talk about Porsha but her IQ is obviously high enough to be a successful black woman and I’m sure her bank account looks a lot better than people with the negative comments, As far as caling this guy a thug is just stereotypical views of society because of how a person looks smh. How about acknowledging him for his accomplishments, wealthy young black African American football player/college graduate. That’s more like it, great couple..

    • Carolyn on said:

      just because she has options to date a variety of men does not make your statement that she’s going through the whole team plausible. News flash!! women can date different men without sleeping with all of them that she chooses to share her precious time with

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