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During “Power” star Omari Hardwick’s turn in’s latest episode of “Drinking with the Stars,” the actor said he is “not a fan” of Donald Trump, and that he felt Caitlyn Jenner was undeserving of her ESPY award.

Regarding Trump, “I know that Donald Trump is a smart man,” he told host Greg Gilman. “I’m not a fan, but I know he’s a smart man, so I’m very confused and baffled and really interested in his antics at this point.”

Although Hardwick said he would move his family to Italy if Trump manages to become the next POTUS, he’s curious to see the rest of the real estate tycoon’s campaign unfold.

“The things he opens his mouth and says blow my mind. And it blows my mind that he has supporters,” Omari said. “And this is a man who has not had money, who has been bankrupt … so he should know a little bit about the edge of not having, and so his heart should go out a little bit to folks who don’t have.”

The actor does see a “moment” in history in which “a minority president could follow a minority president,” meaning the possibility of the nation’s first black president being succeeded by the nation’s first female president.

“I think we’re sort of in the landscape where that could happen. I don’t know if it’s going to happen,” Hardwick said. “I think that the strongest or most formidable weapon for the Republicans is the young senator [Marco Rubio]. I just think he’s way too young.”

Regarding Caitlyn Jenner as the recipient of the ESPYs 2015 Arthur Ashe Courage Award, Hardwick joined a contingent of others who would rather see that honor bestowed upon someone else – like a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“The award should’ve gone to someone else. Perhaps you could double up your efforts in having Caitlyn present the award,” Hardwick suggested.

He added: “For Bruce Jenner, who I grew up watching in the Olympics, to now be in this transition … you can applaud her, present her, and have her honor another person.”

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