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The never-ending circus drama that is Draya Michele and her ex-fiancé, Orlando Scandrick, has just taken a not-so-shocking plot twist. The reality star has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards from the Dallas Cowboy, who has accused her of domestic violence.

TMZ reports that the cornerback’s request to keep Draya at a safe distance was granted. In the filing, Scandrick alleges that he suffered bodily injury in an attack that began on April 21 when Draya maced him, threw candles at him and knocked photos off the walls in their home.

Another incident occurred on July 3, during which Scandrick claims Draya threw a porcelain jewelry box and books at him. He also alleges that she threatened to “throw bleach in his eyes.” Later that day, the fighting continued when Draya allegedly ruined some of his lavish clothes when she tossed them into the swimming pool.

A source close to the former couple claims Draya snapped after Orlando publicly confessed “it was a poor decision to propose.”

Some of us weren’t shocked when Scandrick announced his decision to call-off their engagement, just a week after he proposed. The couple dated for two years.

For the most part, Draya has been quiet over her broken engagement but she did hint at not being aware that she’s the star of their sideshow relationship.

“It must be fun to watch someone throw stones at a person, so much fun others want to join in on the rock slinging,” Draya said recently. “I was just involved in a circus and didn’t know I was the clown.”

In addition to being prohibited from coming within 100 yards of her ex, Draya has also been ordered to move out of his home as soon as possible. Both parties are due back in court later this month.

In related news, rapper The Game responded to the news about Scandrick seeking a restraining order, saying:

“That’s some hoe sh*t…,” The Game wrote in the comments section on Baller Alert. “These n*ggas out here getting (corn)ier by the minute!!! Wtf draya gone do to em’ besides put a mint swimsuit on this n*gga??”


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