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We might have gotten used to Viola Davis as Annalise Keating on How To Get Away With Murder and Jennifer Lopez on American Idol and starring in the new fall TV cop show Shades Of Blue, but both got their start as film actresses.

Thankfully the two have a chance to show off those chops in the new movie Lila and Eve. The indie flick, directed by Charles Stone III of Drumline, Mr. 3000 and Paid In Full fame, premiered out of competition at the Sundance Film Festival.

Lopez and Davis meet in a support group and Eve suggests that Lila find her son’s killer which sets them, of course, on a path of vengeance. Think of it as a Thelma and Louise for the hip-hop generation. Since it’s a rarity in films for two women of color to share lead roles, we’re hoping Lila and Eve gets some support. And Davis executive produced via her JuVee production company which was created to provide her with more options for her outsize acting talent.

“The only way I was going to get the narratives and find things that I would be at the forefront of was if I drove it,”  Davis told the New York Daily News. 

“They don’t write much for No. 10 or No. 14 on the call sheet — which I’ve been a lot,” she says of her bit parts. “I had to just squeeze out every bit of life in those one or two scenes, so that I could show my talent.”

It comes out Friday, July 17  in theaters and on demand via your favorite movie rental sites.

Check out the trailer above.

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2 thoughts on “Viola Davis And Jennifer Lopez Out For Revenge In ‘Lila And Eve’ [WATCH]

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Love Ms. Davis’ acting. Saw Antwoine Fischer again recently and forgot she had a role in it, just great! Hope the film does well.

  2. edwar on said:

    “just as Eva explained I cant believe that someone can profit $8599 in one month on the internet. did you look at this web site…

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