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Pat Neely is looking forward to a great summer. With the help of Family Dollar, he’s going to help make someone else’s summer great, too. This weekend, the lucky winner of the Family Dollar Ultimate Family Reunion will enjoy a cookout with chef Pat Neely on the grill for up to 100 people and the winner will also get free groceries at Family Dollar for up to a year.

“We’re just delighted to be able to go to a family and throw them a cookout. In the summertime, we really need to stress family and spending time with your family. As I get older, I get a big kick out of my uncles and aunts telling me the history of our family,” Neely says.

Family Dollar will announce the winner of the contest today. We don’t know who it is, but we know that the lucky winner is from Chicago.

As for whether or not Neely ever cooks without a shirt on – an ongoing theme of the TJMS this week while Skip Murphy is on the show, Neely admits that in his private backyard, he’s comfortable doing whatever he wants.

“That’s my sanctuary,” says Neely. “Women like to see a sexy man standing there with no shirt on, taking the bread out of the oven,” he says. “Ain’t nothing wrong with it.”

Neely will head to the winner’s home later today to make the announcement. To see who the winner is, head over to Family Dollar’s official website.


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