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Ryan Reynolds may have been upstaged by wife Blake Lively’s transition to a new hair color this week (she is now, ‘bronde’ according to reports) but he should get the spotlight back when his new movie Self/Less comes out on Friday. He plays Damian, the younger version of a billionaire businessman played by Ben Kingsley who swaps bodies with him to avoid dying of cancer. Only problem is, once that happens, Damian starts to remember a past life that is not his.

“He’s got all the money in the world and he finds this organization that you can transfer into another body not so much to live forever, but so you can carry on any important work you were doing,” Reynolds told The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “They give him what he’s told is a be a lab-grown body but as time goes on, he finds out that it was a real person with a wife and a kid and he’s struggling with that. He finds out that its kind of a shadowy organization and he goes on the run.”

Reynolds says that the movie is based on real science and a concept called ‘shedding’ that scientists believe may allow people to one day do the body swap in real life. Reynolds says that the cast met some real-life billionaires while scouting locations for the movie and every one of them asked if the process was real.

Reynolds says his real-life choice if the technology actually existed might be to try something different.

“I would mix it up, make it weird. I’d probably like to come back as a girl. See what they go through.”

Reynolds does have to run in his next movie, something that seems mandatory in his career so far. His next movie, as the Marvel superhero Deadpool, which he just wrapped, won’t be any different.

“I just need to go to the gym, not sign on to any more movies,” he says.

Listen to the entire interview above.

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