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LOS ANGELES (AP) — There’s more host upheaval ahead for ABC’s “The View,” with Rosie Perez leaving the daytime talk show.

In a memo to “View” staffers Tuesday, executive producer Bill Wolff said that Perez has decided to focus on acting.

Wolff lauded Perez for handling her “View” host duties while performing in Larry David’s Broadway play, “Fish in the Dark.”

The talk show plans a “proper send off” for Perez in a few weeks, the producer said, which is when its current season wraps.

An after-hours call to Perez’s representative in New York was not immediately returned.

Perez’s departure leaves Whoopi Goldberg and relative newcomers Raven Symone and Nicolle Wallace. The show’s tally of ex-hosts includes Rosie O’Donnell, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd.

Series creator Barbara Walters retired as host last year.

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12 thoughts on “Rosie Perez Exits ‘The View’

  1. Nelida Arroyo-Pharm on said:

    Sorry to see Rosie Perez leave however, I wish her the very best in her endeavors. I appreciated her views and opinions and glad she was allowed the opportunity to speak up for the Latino/Latinas. It was about time. As for Whoopi, she is the captain and I love her, her opinions, her views….she is the coolest. Nicole Wallace is a fresh view…although she is not familiar with many celebs…she is a fresh insight and as for political views….very easy to take as opposed to that nut job Elisabeth Hasselbeck…she was horrible and self centered, I like Raven as a new person on the View…I just pray and hope that the “bosses” do not put that idiot big dumb comedian on board…she stinks and is way to White America hateful person…..can not stand her and her opinions dont mean diddly.

  2. WhoopiStillThere? on said:

    Whoopie Goldberg is the problem with the show. They’re busy getting rid of everyone except her. She can barely remember what the topics are. She can’t talk. She’s always eating/sucking on something. And she doesn’t let anyone else have their own “View”. The show would have been much better if it was hosted by O’Donnell.

  3. marva on said:

    Obviously there’s no intelligence test before getting on The View. Rosie, whoopi and Raven have a collective IQ of 10. They need smarter black females on that show.

  4. Pat stokes on said:

    I adore Whoopie and Raven is the right touch. Please send Nicole packing she talks to much b.s about politics and most of the time she sounds horrible. Please keep the View going

  5. demp109 on said:

    I like Rosie, she just seemed out of her element. NIcole Wallace is annoying in that she doesn’t know any entertainers or news besides politics. Complete bore. The show should just pack up and go away. The guests aren’t interesting anymore either. Maybe Cosby or Trump should go on there to drum up ratings….

  6. Whoopi needs to write a book about the view when it is all said and done. The cast of characters over the years! It is like musical chairs on that show and she is the one with the last seat.

    I would buy the book! Call it “The Last View” LOL.

  7. Raefree on said:

    Great show, The View!! Rosie Perez leaving, boo hoo! Rosie is very smart and she “gets it”. It’s the producers who need to be replaced!!!! They just blowing smoke to save their jobs.

  8. specialt757 on said:

    Good luck Ms. Perez. I agree Ms. Bone, The View is on life support, I hope they put it out of “our” misery very soon, let it go home to glory.

  9. jhuf on said:

    No loss, ABC needs to sh!tcan ALL the host’s go outside Hollywood and recruit new hosts from ABC affiliates through out country

  10. In my humble opinion it’s seems like the view needs to be in the rear view window. I never watched it much but they have ppl coming and going like a revolving door. Isn’t it hard to get use to the cast??? It hasn’t been the same since Joy left.

  11. Good riddance, Rosie Perez! I never liked The View anyway, because I did not like Barbara Walters; however I started watching once in a while since she left.

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