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Cynthia Bailey has finally responded to the news that her “Real Housewife” frenemy, NeNe Leakes, will no longer be staring on the hit reality series.

E! News caught up with the former runway model down at ESSENCE Festival where she shared her thoughts on NeNe leaving the franchise. She said:

“Well the show has never been about one person. It’s just not what makes it work. Sometimes you gotta change it up and mix it up. I look forward to a really great drama-filled season.”

Bailey said she wasn’t surprised that NeNe would not be returning. She explained:

“You know, I wasn’t super surprised because I used to be very close with NeNe so I knew that at some point, she wanted to do other things and rightfully so because I think she has had a great run on the show. In my opinion, she will always be the original Atlanta Housewife and I wish her well.”

Cynthia also revealed that she and NeNe are no longer beefing.

“We text back and forth,” she said. “When I heard the news about her leaving the show, I shot her a text and said good luck to you. May you continue to shine. Do your thing, so we are cool.”

In related news, there have been rumors Kim Fields could possibly join the cast, but Cynthia didn’t confirm this.

Despite singer K. Michelle’s feelings about negative images of Black women in the media, Cynthia feels quite the opposite. She’s hoping that whoever joins the RHOA cast will bring the drama with a side serving of shade!

“I am just excited for someone to come in who is a spit fire, someone who is not just gonna come in and check things out,” she explained. “I don’t know who yet but whoever you are, please audition for the Real Housewives of Atlanta. We need you!”

Watch below:

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(Photo Source: Cynthia Bailey Instagram)

6 thoughts on “Cynthia Bailey Responds to NeNe Leaving RHOA [WATCH]

  1. Dee mack on said:

    Nene should have stayed on the show who gets 1 million for only a few months of work, she should have worked out to stay on the show and continue to do other things. Regular TV faces cancelled shows all the time at least she could have counted on that check but we wish her well. Kenya is a disgrace to all women because of the behavior which is un excusable, she need to go and Cynthia needs to grow up and Kandi just has it going on she is a self made woman who has her finances in order. Go figure she need to give lessons to the cast.

  2. Swan on said:

    I wish they would get rid of everybody except Kenya and Claudia, actually just cancel the show period. I hope Kim Fields don’t stoop that low to join the cast, she has a life long career since she was about 6 years old, why waste all of that hard work on being on a dumb Reality TV show. Kim you’re better than that show and smarter too I hope.

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