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Body massage holds many benefits, from relaxation to a release in toxins, but did you know that breast massage has several benefits for breast health alone? Taking the time to massage your breasts on a daily basis may not be a self-care practice you’re used to, but it’s one that should be added into your morning or evening routine.  Here are four benefits of breast massage that all women can experience.

1. Promotes breast health

According to the Texas Institute of Functional Medicine, breast massage is a viable way to release toxins from the body’s lymphatic system. Toxins can become trapped within the fat cells of breast tissue, increasing chances of cancer and restricting blood flow into the breast. Massaging the breasts gives the lymphatic system a boost and facilitates in the draining of breast tissue. Massaging also helps to break up benign cysts contained within breasts.  Massage the breasts right out of the shower to serve as a self-exam and a preventative procedure.

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