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A specialist in Chicago saw Bobbi Kristina Brown before she was moved to hospice care.

Although the Los Angeles Times reports Brown flew to Chicago and the move to hospice did happen, the publication noted that it’s unclear as far who ordered the medevac for the move. While People and TMZ cite Bobbi Kristina’s co-guardian Pat Houston as the person responsible for the move, OK Magazine mentions Bobby Brown.

But the bottom line is the two families are making it known that move had nothing to do with Oprah Winfrey or Tyler Perry.

Referencing TMZ, the Times mentioned that the family is annoyed by rumors that paint them as folks relying on celebrities to get the best care for Bobbi Kristina. The newspaper continued to reference the site via a report it posted last week about a brain surgeon meeting with the family and telling them that there was “no hope” that Bobbi Kristina would come out of the coma she’s been in after being found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub in the home she shared with her boyfriend Nick Gordon on Jan. 31.

The revelation resulted in the family’s decision to take Bobbi Kristina off her medications and move her to hospice to die a natural death.

News of Bobbi Kristina’s meeting in Chicago with doctors comes as Gordon pulls a team of lawyers together to fight charges that will presumably be leveled against him. On Thursday, authorities submitted the results of their months-long investigation into the events surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s situation on Jan. 31 to prosecutors. From there, prosecutors will decide whether to bring charges in the case.

Among the attorneys Gordon has recruited are Joe Habachy and Randy Kessler, who have been representing him thus far, in addition to Casey Anthony lawyer Jose Baez and Natalee Holloway investigator TJ Ward, People reports.

“In view of the new circumstances regarding the health status of Bobbi Kristina Brown, we will be reviewing the case with greater interest,” Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said in a statement to the Associated Press.

Prior to Bobbi Kristina’s move to hospice care, her conservator filed a civil suit against Gordon. In the suit, which was filed the day before the move, the conservator alleges that Gordon abused Krissi, took her money and maneuvered himself into a position to control her and her substantial wealth. Funds Gordon took include $11,000 after Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized.

The conservator’s suit goes on to allege that a loud argument took place Jan. 31 before Bobbi Kristina was able to meet with someone for advice about Gordon.

Overall, the conservator is seeking $10 million in damages.

As for Bobby Brown, his New Edition group mate and longtime friend Ricky Bell admitted to TMZ that there’s no way to comfort the “My Prerogative” singer regarding Bobbi Kristina’s pending death.

In light of Bobby suffering four losses in the last few years, Bell admits that so much tragedy has made it hard for him to find the right words when talking to Bobby. As a result, the BBD member stated that his heart goes out to the Brown and Houston families.

Watch below:

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(Photo Source: Bobbi Kristina Instagram; Video Source: TMZ)

35 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Was Taken to Chicago; Ricky Bell Tries to Comfort Bobby [WATCH]

  1. Teresa on said:

    GOD heard “The Voice” requesting the presence of her precious baby girl and HE may be in the process of granting Whitney with this special gift. I pray for the family especially Bobby.

  2. Timothy Lytle on said:

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  3. Black Luv on said:

    Bobby you have a strong heart. You are a strong black man that I will always respect because the way you love is hard. I wish the best for you as well as the Houston family. From the heart BrothAce.

  4. Bobbi Kristina could have been one of the girls on “The Real” morning show with Tamar Braxton & Tamara Mowery..Or even on the View the View need to get rid of Raven Simone she’s weird. Hopefully maybe Bobbi will wake up soon.

  5. Vet Mom on said:

    NOW Whitney call your baby home!!! You and Bobby know your failures as parents. This child wasn’t happy trying to be YOU when she didn’t have your voice! It’s sad Bobbi couldn’t just go to college and make her own path in life when most kids just want money for college! it made me so mad people pretending Bobbi had her mother’s talents driving her further to drugs to heal the pain of failure and missing her enabling friend who should have been acting like her mother!!!. Like Whitney she was surrounded with enablers. OMG Oprah/Tyler when this family heals I hope you bring this Oscar winning story to the big screen (NO tacky Lifetime movie). Bring in writers like Terry McMillan who will tell the Tina Turner good, bad and ugly side of this VERY tragic story!! RIP Whitney/Bobbi…..NOW Bobby who you gone blame for your failures now since Angela Bassett made you look like a Saint surrounded by drug heads (whom God called to Heaven so he can bring them out of addiction no one on earth could do)…….

    • Vet Mom on said:

      When I was a little girl growing up in St. Louis my grandmother used to say when I asked why does God let evil people live “Sometimes death is too easy for some. Letting them see their failures and those they have disappointed brings greater personal pain!” By the looks of Nick losing his bank accounts (Whitney/Bobbi) and that pretend rich lifestyle he didn’t earn….he’s suffering……did I just hear Dr. Phil say AMEN???? He wouldn’t have laid eyes on my child again either if he didn’t tell me the truth. See Nick played a game of “She will wake up and the secrets/pretend marital games will continue while we laugh at the haters” but it blew up in his face!!!

  6. We all hope you can recover, Bobbi, may God bless you. I think we need to take another look at Whitney’s “accidental” death, too, when there’s money at stake, some people will do anything to get it. Whitney’s death allowed the money to go to Bobbi, and Bobbi’s death would allow the money to go to someone….as Deep Throat said in Watergate, “Follow the money.”

  7. MariAnn on said:

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again. Whatever has happened to little Bobbi K., is the fault of her selfish, liquor-drinking, pot-smoking (only God knows, what other drugs) parents. Her mother, Whitney, brought Gordon into the house, to live with them when Bobbi K. was still a precious little innocent, beautiful, young girl. Her father, Bobby, was too busy getting high to step up like a decent father and ask the question: “Why is this young man living there in the same house as my ‘precious’ little daughter”. Both families need Jesus! IJS

  8. THANDO JUWA on said:

    I have been reading all the comments but everyone seems to be giving up on the lil gals life butas for me I pray for God'”s miracle for her to see another day,God have mercy nd heal Bobby kris I knw you are a God of second chance my LORD…

  9. lindda on said:

    may god bless and keep you safe. It is now his will. You are special to be surrounded by so many important peoples. You are in my prayer

  10. I have been following this since the beginning. I am very sorry for what has happened to bobbie Kristina.i pray for her and the family everyday. she will be in gods hands and with her mom. god bless the family

  11. I have heard of the hard stories of family feuding when a love one dies or close to death, and emotions run high. The only ones that should be discussing the what’s and the if’s, is Bobby and Pat. The rest of the family. They all need to visit Kristina in peace and leave in peace. Bobby Kristina don’t need to leave this world with a bunch of mess. She should be surrounded with love, prayer, and dignity of other’s right now. I also want to say that, I feel that Bobby held out this long to hear Nicks voice just one more time. No matter what bad he has done in their relationship. Bobby was still his friend for years. I don’t see the feuding ending at any time with the family. I hope they have a small private funeral for Kristina and lay her to rest in the most beautiful way. I was hoping and praying that her life wasn’t going to end this way. As her Grandmother said, “She is in God’s hands now.” Hard for me to say this but, Kristina, if it’s God will today, it’s ok for you to rise above into God’s heavenly gates and be that diamond in the sky. Your family here on earth will be ok, their issues will always be their issues until they accept the peace and love that God has for them. I wish the world can listen to a song right now that say, “What the world needs now, is love sweet love, it’s the only thing, that there’s just too little of.” I pray that your day Kristina, will be filled with much love, peace and bunches of yellow roses. (Hugs) & (kisses) from a friend that always kept you at heart. 🙂 God and his angels are with you. 🙂 You are a diamond in the sky!

  12. lena on said:

    Very sad… I hope BK makes it to her mothers loving arms. I hope that these two families finally resolve all their issues. I hope that Mr. Gordon is judged by a jury of his peers and not the general public. There is more to this story and I am sure it’s going to an eye opener… May God Bless this young girls soul…

  13. Angel on said:

    I want to send my deepest sympathies to the families and also want to know how Nick has rhe money to hire all these high powered attorney’s????

  14. Tammy on said:

    My heart breaks. And her accident happen on my birthday. I will just try to see it as this is a child who is going to be with her mother whom she loved and was always with in life and now they will be back together.

    • Yes, it’s said that she will be laid to rest next to her mom. Preparation is already being made on the burial site. I don’t live far from when Bobby Kristina is at. The building I heard will be drapted from the back exit, so that no pictures can be captured when they transport her body. Feeling so sad. My prayers goes out to both side of the family. .

  15. specialt757 on said:

    This has got to be the saddest of the saddest stories of the year. To watch these two families suffer in the public is heart breaking. I wish they would just end their misery so they can start to heal.

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