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Hot off the presses, I have some brand new approval numbers for President Obama.

The poll was conducted among a sampling of all Americans with additional interviews with African Americans.

The last time a similar poll was conducted about a month ago the news was dire for the commander in chief.

The headline was ‘Bush now more popular than Obama.’

That wasn’t great.

So, where do you think the President’s poll numbers are now?

Drum roll please!

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows that for the first time in more than two years President Obama’s approval rating has risen to 50 percent, up 5 points since May.

The poll shows the rise in due in part to his handling of race relations and the economy.

You heard me right, race and the economy are the winners for the President – two issues that have dogged him for much of his presidency.

When it comes to race, a majority of those interviewed for the survey said they approved of the President’s handling of race because of how he responded to recent deaths of black men like Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Freddie Gray at the hands of police officers and the “racially-motivated” shooting of 9 black churchgoers at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

What’s not surprising is that the poll shows a big racial divide in who generally approves of and disapproves of the President.

Nine out of ten African Americans, 91%, said they approve of the way President Obama is handling his job.

Only 39% of whites approve.

Mr. Obama hasn’t had a higher than 50% approval rating among whites since 2009.

Here’s something I think is important to note in the poll, “A plurality now say that relations between blacks and whites have gotten worse in the time since Barack Obama became president, 43%.

Nearly three quarters of people surveyed believe racial discrimination against African Americans is a very serious or somewhat serious problem.

It’s interesting that while people believe the President is handling race relations well, they also believe race relations have gotten worse under his presidency.

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12 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Race Helping To Boost Obama’s Approval Rating

  1. The support that Obama enjoys among blacks is amazing when one considers that by any economic metric you look at, things have actually gotten WORSE for blacks since he took office.

    Since Obama took office, black unemployment has gone up, as have the number of blacks on food stamps and the percentage of blacks living below the poverty line.

    BTW, anyone care to guess what the greatest period of black prosperity in American history was? It was during the Reagan years. That’s right. During Reagan’s eight years in the White House, black unemployment dropped by nearly half, from 19% to 11%. Also, black home ownership rose dramatically, and more blacks entered the middle class than during any presidency on American history.

    But go ahead, keep reflexively voting Democrat. It’s working out great.

  2. Kevyn Thomas on said:

    When will blacks stop looking at race and really judge the man by his work. I call B.S. on 91% alot of us in the real world differ

  3. marva on said:

    Why is Don Lemon still on TJMS? Is CNN contributing lots of money to one of Joyner’s charities? Stop throwing this self-hating negro in our faces, Tom!

  4. gracebay1 on said:

    The economy and his accomplishments with healthcare mainly helped the numbers. Pointing out race minimizes his accomplishments which is Don Lemons goal.

  5. I Said It on said:

    Don Lemon should be the last person to comment on anyone’s approval ratings. Based on this site alone I would say Don’s ratings are hovering around -60% and I shutter to think what race relations would be like if Don Lemon was president. I guess all Black people would just report back to the field because I swear he sets us back every time he opens his mouth.

  6. Smarter than Don on said:

    If you listen carefuly, you can hear Tavis Smiley dying from laughter at dumb@$$-Don. I can almost hear him saying, “There goes Don Lemon again throwing that passive aggressive shade at President Obama.” I don’t know why Tom can’t see it.

  7. Linda on said:

    Yes race relations have become worse during President Obama’s terms in office simply because White folks are feeling threatened by the browning of Amerykah.

    Caucasians are no longer the dominant race!
    Hispanics/Latinos now represent the largest population.

    In addition, whenever the economy is not doing well, folks are fighting for their share of the same pie and the slices are becoming smaller.

    Racial divisions are peoples fault–IGNORANT peoples!!!!!!!
    Look at that POS Dylann Roof -he is a perfect example!!!!!!

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