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Being sexy has never been a problem for Nicki Minaj. Being seen as intelligent….that may be a different thing, judging from the co-hosts on The View.

According to “Dish Nation,” the rapper is determined to appear as a guest co-host on the show to prove that she’s just as intelligent as they are when discussing various issues at the “Hot Topics” table. The effort comes after Minaj became the center of discussion for The View co-hosts and guest co-host Naya Rivera last year.

Addressing the rapper’s apology for Nazi imagery appearing in her music video “Only,” the group took shots at Minaj for not knowing her history. So much so that Whoopi Goldberg claimed that the Young Money rapstress, who is a fan of The View, might not even know what the Holocaust was.

“Nicki was hurt that Whoopi and the other women basically called her stupid. She really loves the show, and it sucked that they called her out that way,” a source close to Minaj told Dish Nation.

“She’s an intelligent businesswoman. She wants to handle it the best way she knows how – by confronting them and showing them she can throw down on Hot Topics.”

Minaj’s intelligence wasn’t the only thing the co-host took aim at. The entertainer’s alma mater, La Guardia High School, was also mentioned as the group highlighted its reputation as “a very reputable school” while continuing to criticize Minaj’s supposed ignorance.

“We don’t teach a lot of history anymore… We don’t explain what went on,” Goldberg said. “Just because it’s a reputable high school… She should feel bad for our education system which doesn’t teach.”

Although she was hurt by all of the comments, the source mentioned that Minaj was particularly taken aback by Rosie Perez and Rivera, who accused her of knowing exactly what she was portraying in the “Only” video.

“I feel bad for Nicki,” Rivera then said.

“Rosie Perez was the one who mentioned Nicki’s school. Even though Rosie said she was glad Nicki apologized for participating in the ‘Only’ video, she didn’t let it go,” the source stated.“Nicki expected better from another real New Yorker like Rosie.”

“Naya actually pissed Nicki off. Naya’s a lousy role model for kids for jacking up her face. Talk about stupid,” the source added about the woman who dated Big Sean, who collaborated with Minaj’s for his hit song on “Dance A$$.”

“Nicki says she feels bad for Naya. And she’s going to have the last laugh anyway.”

To see the “Dish Nation” segment on Minaj, click here.

(Photo: Nicki Minaj IG)

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