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A scandal in New Orleans has the city riveted as a prominent lawyer, his wife, a Federal judge and a businesswoman who is head of the one of the city’s popular Black Mardi Gras organization and facing federal charges, are involved in what looks like a love triangle.

Lisa Crinel (pictured) a New Orleans businesswoman is suing her former lover, Clarence Roby, who is married to the Federal judge, U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Wells Roby who signed off on federal search warrants for Crinel, who was represented by Roby in a case alleging that she stole $30 million from Medicare through her business, Abide Home Health Services. reports:

Crinel’s lawsuit restates facts that Crinel’s current lawyers have used to try and suppress evidence obtained in a March 2014 search of the headquarters of her Abide Home Health Services in eastern New Orleans.

Crinel and Roby carried on “an intimate, romantic relationship” for about 12 months, starting in September 2013, according to her lawsuit. In January, she also hired him to serve as her lawyer as she negotiated the purchase of another business.

On March 24, 2014, the couple were together at Crinel’s house “until late in the evening as their romantic relationship continued,” the lawsuit states. The next day, federal agents raided Abide’s headquarters.

In motions filed in the federal case, Crinel’s lawyers claim that Karen Wells Roby signed off on the warrants used in the search, and have suggested the judge was aware of her husband’s affair with Crinel, and may even have driven past Abide’s offices while investigators were carting out files.

After the raid, Crinel’s lawsuit says Roby told her he could continue to serve as her lawyer despite their romantic relationship, and even though his wife had approved search warrants. Crinel’s lawsuit accuses him of violation professional codes for attorneys and committing “legal malpractice.”

“Mr. Roby never informed Ms. Crinel that it was a conflict of interest for him to represent her and her company while carrying on an extramarital affair with her… or to represent her in matters related to a search warrant that was signed by his wife,” the lawsuit states.

Crinel, who had more than $1 million in assets seized by investigators during the search, seeks compensation for any losses that result from Roby’s alleged malpractice. The lawsuit names Roby’s law firm and an unnamed insurance company as co-defendants.

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21 thoughts on “New Orleans Scandal Involves Judge, Prominent Lawyer And Businesswoman Facing Federal Charges

  1. Why is it difficult for a black professional woman to get her own man? I just don’t understand that. Temptation doesn’t care who you are it’s going to get ya! I made a video about temptation. God says he temps no we’re tempted by either our hearts or the devil…what are you lusting after or what’s been tempting you lately. I would have have to say profanity…Hell has been the word I’ve been using in the wrong context. Shame on me.

  2. A Good Catholic Girl on said:

    CORRECTION: Ms. Crinel is NOT “head of the one of the city’s popular Black Mardi Gras organizations.” Ms. Crinel WAS selected Queen of the city’s ppopular Black Mardi Gras organization. The organization is MALE.

    • I wish you subhumans would stay in our own neighborhoods instead of moving into ours. I wish my ancestors never brought you subhumans to this country. That was the biggest mistake ever!

      • A Good Catholic Girl on said:

        He said it all. His ancestors should not have brought “subhumans” to this country. It takes a subhum to know a subhuman.

  3. browngirl on said:

    Did these people not see what happened to Kwame Kilpatrick? Scandalous indeed or better perhaps on Being Mary Jane

  4. penny on said:

    If he was going to mesa around he could have at least done it with someone who looks better than Hus wife! Dirty dog! And she is pathetic no shame or morals!! She should be embarrassed!

  5. Just like black politicians in New Orleans…Must be something in that Mississippi River water for the affluent negroes in NOLA to be bugging like that…Remember Nagin, Jefferson, et al.?

    • jhuf on said:

      Hey remember The Louisiana Politicians Credo “the only thing to fear is being caught
      In a room with a dead hooker or a live boy”

  6. QueenB on said:

    You mess around with this woman’s husband, and them cry foul because she just happens to be the judge that signs the warrant for yet another piece of mess you are involved in? Messy, trashy, and dishonest! Leave this woman alone so she can get rid of they raggedy-a** husband of hers and you can deal with your lying, thieving, messy garbage!

  7. That second paragraph though! I had to read it three times. Tangled web indeed. I wonder how it went down when all of them figured out what was going on and how much trouble they were in. Damn the affair at this point! Federal charges! LOL

  8. specialt757 on said:

    Oooooou I see the next episode of Scandal right here! Who will play Ms. Crinel? Judge Roby? Cheating husband Roby? The nosey neighbor who started it all? (my addition). I can’t wait, messy, messy, messy! lol

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