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Lyfe Jennings has returned to the music scene with a new album Tree Of Life. This one is more upbeat than the last when Jennings still harbored some feelings about his ex that came out in his music.

“I got over that situation,” Jennings says. “You know you get older you get your legal situations behind you and you start to feel good about yourself. I’m rocking right now.”

Ohio native Jennings has a history, as most of his fans  know, of trouble with the law. His first release came out after he’d spent 10 years in jail. He went back to jail for three years following and altercation with his children’s mother. But now, he’s back with his personal, passionate brand of R&B music.

One of his songs, the first single,  “Pretty Is” is about a stripper he wants everyone to know that she was already retired from dancing when they met.

“Everyone doesn’t want a man with kids and legal situations and she accepted me,” Jennings says.

Other tracks include “Always” which has an old-school feel.

“That old classic 60’s stuff – that’s when love was love. I don’t even think chick was allowed to wear anything tight back then. You would catch a case or a yeast infection or something,” Jennings says.

Another song “People” was one that Jennings said was inspired by the likeness of Marvin Gaye who came to him in a dream.

“[The album] came out today. It was a dream and Marvin told me it was OK,” Jennings says. “Lyrically, I think that’s one of the best songs I wrote and I think I had to get it from somebody else to get it like that. “He had on the little beanie he had the beard and everything.”

Have more than what you show/speak less than what you know/If you ain’t got nothing good to say than keep your mouth closed/Be a man of your word/See it through to the end/Because if God can’t trust you with the small things, he’s never going to trust you with the big/And remember, hurt people always want to hurt people/Like church people are sometimes the worst people/You gotta know your worth people/To get what you deserve people




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Lyfe Jennings 06-23-15
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