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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey has responded to the rumors of infidelity surrounding her marriage after her husband Peter Thomas was caught out there at a bar getting a little too close to a female patron. Bailey says that while she sees how the video could be interpreted, she’s not filing any quickie divorce papers. In a statement released to US Weekly, Bailey had this to say:

My marriage is not perfect. We’re going to deal with this issue as husband and wife.

Most marriages go through their share of challenges, and ups and downs. Peter and I are no exception. I felt the video was inappropriate, and embarrassing. I expect him to accept full accountability for his actions. We are coming up on our five-year wedding anniversary and we will deal with this situation as husband and wife. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes, and concerns.

Original story below:

Some questionable footage of RHOA’s Peter Thomas has gone viral, and now he’s copping pleas. Peter was spotted in a club getting really close to a woman who wasn’t Cynthia Bailey.  The video shows what looks like Thomas speaking into the woman’s ear, and seemingly stroking her chest.

Check it out:

That angle, and people’s imaginations (because you know people like drama), could make this look more intimate and shady than it actually was. The club was loud and they couldn’t hear each other. That could be what it was, but reports were spun into a major scandal. People are saying that he and the woman kissed, that he groped her, and that he’s obviously cheating on Cynthia.

But according to Peter, everything isn’t what it seems. He posted a statement to Instagram explaining his position.

“There’s stuff all over the Instagram that makes me look like a big a– cheater,” said Thomas. “That’s not what it is. That’s a friend of mine in a club that I was talking to.”

Click over to see the apology to his wife and daughters.

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25 thoughts on “UPDATE: Cynthia Bailey Responds To Husband’s Handsy Viral Video

  1. LoyceT on said:

    I never thought about intentionally creating a story line! Genius! Set it up and let that be your issue when taping, easy to create, maintain and deploy issues at will. NeNe has something or working on expanding her brand while the series is still on, Candy has done well in expanding her line, and Phadra tried a couple of options but maybe her practice has to be her greatest opportunity besides her personal life, Cynthia really didn’t have much going on and the closing of the Bar was not a good look or wise business decision. I doubt whether a bar these days is a viable investment these days anyway. Cynthia might want to start modeling, get her a clothing line and brand herself before Peter spends all her money. Just saying!

  2. wannetta on said:

    Cynthia Bailey Is One Dumb Woman He Been Doing This Mess Along And More Yes I Know He Is Sleeping Around I Can Not Stand Neither Of Them

  3. Jean Jacobs on said:

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  4. Linda on said:

    Why is this woman in denial regarding her husband’s behavior?

    Sure, he didn’t actually go off and have a sexual fling with the women, but he was touching/feeling them up. Shouldn’t that be reserved only for your partner??????????????????

  5. Ms Curly on said:

    I see that when he finally moved his hand the lady immediately put her hand in the same spot I guess she had to make sure her shirt was still there. Peter is a bad boy.

  6. Not saying he’s cheating or any of that because it is none of mine or anyone else’s business, that’s for them to work out. But I will say that it was an inappropriate move he made in kissing the woman, whether it be friend or not. This is a definite no/no. You just don’t give friends kisses on the lips when you are in a marriage or committed relationship.

  7. At first I saw nothing so I played the video again and notice his hand on her neck as though they were kissing and his hand slid down her neck between her breastbone. WOW Peter ! You do realize your face is well none. Aren’t you to old for this childish behavior?

  8. Of all of the businesses to start…a club…that’s asking for it. There’s to much temptation in bars. Why not hire a manager to run the business. Seems to me that it is a perfect opportunity to keep running your game…hiding behind a business certificate. He may have to make the decision of keeping his bar or keeping his wife.

  9. millie on said:

    Whoopie Goldberg’s voice from Ghost “Cynthia your husband been cheating on you girl”. LOL. I wonder if Ms. Cleo saw this one coming? Cause she was boasting a few months back that she would know if Peter cheated. Peter kept Cynthia exactly where he wanted her- away from him so he could hang out in the streets/his apartment in Charlotte, NC. You ever noticed how he often fed her with female gossip and Cynthia ran with it. Keep her busy and she can’t see what he is doing. NeNe was spot on about him acting like a _ I T _ H. Cheating is bad enough but to openly disrespect your Queen; sad commentary. You should never let the streets get back to your home in any form, be it print, voice mail, paparazzi or an unfamiliar scent. Only a weak _ I T_ H would handle his business like Peter has. As much as we hold up our black men for some reason they keep giving us their azzez to kiss.

    Cynthia stop letting your husband and Kenya distract you “Get out of NeNe’s business and tend to your house”. I’m just saying.

  10. She looks like the ex housewife Lisa Woo and looks like his hand slid from her neck down her breast. If that be the case, is this how he treats all his female friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mandy on said:

    It’s so sad how some people do stupid things. Whether good intentions or not, you’re married and you should never let your good be evil spoken of. Peter should not have put himself in a position where one would think such things. Especially,… knowing that there’s a rumor of him cheating.

  12. Who gropes a lady at a club at 60 years old? Who frequents clubs at 60 years old??? I’m just guessing his age because he is acting like he is twelve.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Funny you asked Cokes. It’s extremely rare that I go to a club, maybe if one of my girlfriend is having a birthday party or something. But there is one particular club, this one guy about 60 plus is there EVERY single time I have ever gone to that club. He is always pimped out, white hat, white suit and white shoes, I even think his cane is white lol. Flirts with everyone, the last time I saw him there I asked if he were part owner, he said yes. I guess that’s why he was there EVERY single time lol.

  13. I stopped watching RHWives of anything a long time ago. To me it’s not good TV, and mostly fake. I think a lot of the characters on RHW’s sometimes do shigady to create a buzz thinking it will encourage people to (continue) to watch their shows. I love comedy….so I do watch ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood.’ It’s satire, and keeps me cracking up!

    • demp109 on said:

      RHOA takes the place of my old school soap opera with Erica Kane; remember All My Children? BTW, Real Husbands is super funny!

  14. Linda on said:

    The damage is done now Peter-so why apologize to your wife?

    He looks like the type that would do that. Plus, he runs his mouth and is all up in women’s business when he needs to just mind his own!!!!!

  15. specialt757 on said:

    That’s what you get for putting your personal life on “Front Street” for the world to see and judge. Marriage is between “the” two people, unless there is physical abuse (either way), I say it’s nobody’s business.

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