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Ezra Dolezal, the adopted brother of the embattled former NAACP President wishes his sister would stop the lies and just come clean. reports:

Rachel Dolezal has gone from a Spokane, Washington, activist to the focus of a highly charged national debate in recent days, after reports surfaced that she was born white yet has claimed she is black. Amid the controversy, she resigned Monday as head of her local NAACP chapter and, a day later, spoke out extensively for the first time in an interview with NBC.

And she didn’t back down when it comes how she sees herself, even after her parents shared childhood photos of a young Rachel Dolezal — her pale complexion and straight blond hair in contrast to the woman with darker skin and dark curly hair who appeared on NBC.

For the family, one comment stung especially hard. “I haven’t had a DNA test,” Dolezal said. “There’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents.”

Larry and Ruthanne are the Montana couple who helped drive this story, telling reporters that Rachel is their estranged daughter. Ezra Dolezal is black and adopted, one of four such children taken in by the Dolezals — unlike Rachel, his older sister by 15 years, he says.

“I guarantee that she is not going to take a DNA test to prove that (Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal) are not her parents,” Ezra Dolezal told CNN’s “New Day” on Wednesday. “Because they are, and she doesn’t want to be caught going back on her story again.”

Do you think a DNA test is necessary?

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(Photo/Video Source: CNN)

19 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal’s Brother: ‘She’s Making Up More Lies’ [WATCH]

  1. Khmboo on said:

    Let’s all remember the GOOD Bill Clinton did… ah, like giving brothers harsher sentences than white men, who committed the same crime! Are we kidding ourselves here… he wasn’t in any scandals with black women, just loose loud mouth white women who brought down his presidency. A sista would’ve never spoke about or thought about bringing down the most powerful man of the free world? So, Bill Clinton NEVER got a pass in my eyes, and neither does this WHITE woman!

  2. Dhe didnt have to lie to kick it. Then they go and adopt a black child? Im not saying this is true… but who knows… mama baby daddys maybe. I know plenty of black people of mix races… yes.. she have some issues… but her parents have some also…. why would they go out their way to destroy their own flesh and blood? Whole family need therapy

  3. She is digging a deeper hole for herself. She needs help, playing dress up is one thing; people do it all of the time, but claiming to be someone you are not is another. I think this story is deeper than we all think.

  4. kwilli on said:

    I have to agree with many of you here, in this forum. Someone please tell me what are her MANY achievements to us? I do believe that this woman has some psychological issues and she abolutely needs time on someone’s couch. She is not to be commended any more than does the Jenner person. They both need some serious counseling. Someone dubbed Cinton the first black president and it was probably a white person and it was probably meant as a snub to him and us Black people. And no, not ALL of society has accepted Bruce Jenner’s lunacy. His case, as in many others, is an example of how we have perverted the gifts given to us by God. But if we do leave the two of them alone, maybe they will just fade away. They both have garnered so much attention and continue to do so. We feed and foster it and allow them to take up so much of our time and enegy!!

    • theresa barrett on said:

      I agree with you this too needs no more time and energy like her brother said in his television interview she has an integrity issue she is no longer in that vital role as a chapter president let’s keep it moving.

  5. Bill Clinton did more harm to our country under the guise of first black president than most before him. Stop being flattered because someone says they like or want to be black. This lady is disturbed.

  6. C.A.A. on said:

    # 8 said nothing but the truth and the holy truth! That’s why a lot of Folks were beginning to wonder why the NAACP wasn’t reacting to certain cases or what there true position was because this lady had the Red, White, and Blue program. People this is another wake up call. The serpents are in the gardens of our righteousness. #4 that’s exactly what Paul Mooney said: They want to be Black but not Black!!! What kind of S–t is that. Stop pretending and understand God will we be done.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    You’re right TK, Rachael did all she did out of convenience for none other than “herself”, for whatever reason. Maybe she thought she could make a bigger impact as a black woman who suffered injustice. Maybe she didn’t suffer enough as a white woman. It’s pretty clear, she has mental issues that need attention. Now that her 15 minutes are dwindling down she needs to find a psychiatrist’s sofa to sit on.

  8. Monica Perine on said:

    Will you all please stop making this news. THIS IS NOT NEWS!!! Who cares. We have light skinned blacks people who pretened to be white their whole lives. This is just a distraction! Its also shows how the quality of news has gone down.

  9. I wish she was on Social Media.. I adore this “Black” woman. All that she has done for ALL ethnicities on these shores.. She is NEGROID!!! They keep showing the “Ambush” journalism of her on Old “Dinosaur” media. I wish she gets a DNA Blood test so she can trace herself back to the “Richest Soil on Old Mother Earth”.. I want to be there when she throws 2 middle fingers up at the world. #WhyIsDrYorkTheTargetOfConspiracy???

  10. Timekeeeper on said:

    Yes, their have been whites who have dedicated themselves to the cause of minority groups, Some have even died for the cause, including Andrew Goodman & Michael Schwerner two very dedicated young white men who died in Mississippi in 196t trying to help blacks register to vote.
    The difference is that they Did Not, I repeat Did Not pretend to be anything other than what they are. Rachel could arguably done more as a white woman by showing others that, they too, should join the fight.
    What was she in 2002 when she sued Howard ( as a white woman I might add) because she wanted minority favors. You can’t have it both ways which is what she has tried to do. As for her achievements, I submit her achievements have been mostly for herself as she has climbed the ranks of the NAACP. Something she could have done just as easily as white woman. Those who applaud Rachel and like her I have no problem with.
    As Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. There is a saying “everybody wants to be a black man, but don’t nobody want to BE a black man. As conveniently she used her whiteness back in ’02, now she is using blackness as conveniently in ’15. As for her brother being a “worm” what does that make her. Her lies keep coming more and more into the light with each and every interview she does. So, it isn’t people leaving her alone. It is her trying, trying, trying yeah, and keep on trying to convince herself what she did was okay. Problem is when you tell one lie, you have to keep telling more lies to cover the first one.

  11. psnthersdec on said:

    why yall trying to give us the crazy white person that white people don’t even want. This black person don’t pick stray dogs off the street. Will someone please tell me the GREAT work she has done

  12. Why don’t we just leave her be and let her go about advocating for “our” causes?…Whether folks want to accept it or not, she is “one of us”…Rachel Dolezal is my “Shero”…Let her do the “good work” she was meant and purposed to do.

  13. absolute on said:

    How much is the networks paying that little worm to voice his opinion about this? It is my understandign that the NAACP has white leaders in various Chapters and has lot of white members and supporters so wha’t the problem here?

    Finally somebody wants to be black, some black people don’t want to be black! I don’t have a problem with her posing as a black woman. So society accepts Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to be surgically transformed to a woman but refuse to accept this woman wanting to be black, that is soooo double standard!

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      You are correct Special. Plus, Bill Clinton ( unlike Ms. Dolezal ) never portrayed himself, nor did he declare to be this so called “honorary black person) A few folks simply gave him that nickname.
      Her lies keep coming to light more and more each day.

  14. It I obvious that she is technically a white woman however her contributions to society and the race issues have all been from the Black perspective. I say if we can make Bill Clinton an honorary “Black Person” then we should do the same for Rachael because her efforts were just as meaningful.

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