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Following news of Lamar Odom‘s best friend Jamie Sangouthai dying of an apparent heroin overdose, Odom’s former mistress fears that Lamar could be next, reports Radar Online.

Sandy Schultz told the website that Sangouthai’s death has caused Odom to shut out friends, and she fears that he will turn to drugs to ease his pain.

“I’m scared for Lamar now,” she admitted. “As a friend we’re trying to make sure it’s [Jamie’s death] not giving him a reason to fall into drugs or whatever he gets into… I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic at this point. There’s lots going on.”

Throughout Sangouthai’s struggle with addiction, Odom tried his best to help his friend. “He tried to save Jamie,” Schultz revealed. “Jamie had a lot of demons going on in his life and Lamar was not able to be there for him as much as Jamie would like because he was dealing with his own demons.”

Schultz also revealed that death has been a recurring theme in Odoms charmed yet tragic life. “One of biggest issues Lamar had was death that surrounded him – his cousin, the accident Lamar and Khloe had — that was one of the concerns he shared with me,” she said. “He’s [Lamar] lost his baby, his cousin that was his bestest friend, he was involved in a car accident that took someone else’s life and now his best friend who everyone know tried to help him is gone.”

But despite his struggles, Schultz maintains that Odom would never intentionally harm himself. “Because of his kids he won’t go to suicide,” she said. Schultz said if something were happen to Odom, “I think it would be accidental,” adding, “I pray it doesn’t happen.”

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One thought on “Lamar Odom’s Ex Mistress Worried About His Mental State After Friend’s Death

  1. Lots of ODs in my neighborhood in NE DC…my closest friends have used for many years and are careful, but the young kids who use H are used to having it cut so much, when they get good quality dope they overdose. But to its credit, Washington DC does have a needlesharing program to prevent the spread of HIVAIDS….for many years DC had the highest rate of HIV infection in the USA.

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