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The breakup of Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon was a very close reality, according to the author of the new book of “Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame.”

So much so that Ian Halperin revealed that the split was going to happen on Gordon on Jan. 31, the day she was found facedown and unresponsive in the bathtub of the Roswell, Georgia home she shared with Gordon.

“I have 1,000-percent proof” that Brown planned to break off her engagement with Gordon and kick him out of the house, Halperin told while pointing out that times were very difficult for Brown leading up to her near-drowning.

A good bit of that difficulty stemmed from the 22-year-old’s relationship with a a jealous Gordon, who believed that Brown was having an affair with a drug dealer, Halperin added. As a result, he said Gordon “did a lot of things that she didn’t approve of,” which caused Brown to be scared of Gordon.

“She was scared, and she wanted out,” said Halperin, who mentioned that he has corroboration of Brown’s breakup plan.For her part, Halperin revealed that Brown had also grown tired of Gordon “sponging off” of her financially, and “she had decided to make a fresh start.”

“She wanted out of the relationship,” he stated. “She was contemplating a move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.”

While the revelation is an eye-opener, it doesn’t give any signal to any type of foul play involved in Brown’s near drowning, Halperin says.

With that, the investigative journalist stands by a theory made in his book that involves Brown being plunged in cold water to revive her from an overdose. For Halperin, it is still very possible this scenario could have occurred on Jan. 31.

“I maintain the plunge theory,” Halperin told TheWrap. “Regardless, the fact of the matter is that Brown wanted Gordon out of her life,” he added. Halperin’s revelation is the latest in the continuing saga surrounding Brown and Gordon since the near drowning. Since the incident, Gordon and Brown’s family have been going back and forth in a heated dispute regarding Gordon’s access to Brown, who according to her grandmother has “global and irreversible brain damage.”

According to TheWrap, Halperin has offered to pay for Gordon to take a polygraph test to answer questions about what happened the day of Brown’s bathtub incident. If Gordon passes the polygraph, Halperin said he can arrange visitation for him with Brown.

Although Gordon’s repeated attempts to see Brown include claims on social media that she will “wake up” if he’s allowed to see her, Halperin notes that Brown’s family is “worried about his suspicious role.” Adding to this are claims from Brown’s aunt, Leolah Brown that Gordon is under investigation for attempted murder for his role in connection with the near drowning.

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