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Despite Omarion‘s opinion on the subject, there are people who strongly believe that no variation of the n-word is acceptable.

A fan slammed the R&B singer for using the word to describe himself in an Instagram post – a move which caused Omarion to take folks on a historic journey, back to before Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of his dream.

The drama unfolded a few days ago when the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star posted the above photo on his Instagram account along with the caption: “Lil nigga but Lion hearted.”

A white fan, who had a problem with Omarion using the N-word, commented on the photo:

“Can’t handle when a white man says nigger but you call yourself and all your other African Americans NIGGAS? Common bro,” wrote the fan. “Time to stop degrading your own race.”

Omarion took the fan’s comment as an insult and responded with a rant about how endearing it is to be called a “nigga”… but only if you’re a “nigga” too. He deleted his rant but you know #BlackTwitter is watching Black Hollywood with the shank-eye, so his rant was captured, saved and shared.

“Let me educate you, you fool of a man. “White men” created this negative, nasty, derogatory term “nigger” that “WE” as in [black people] turned into a term of endearment, orientation, & brotherhood, so f*ck no! You can’t call me a nigger or nigga,” Omarion writes.

He continued:

“You don’t have the cultural stripes nor possess the ethnic background to do so. U don’t have the residue of oppression, slavery & racism lingering in the marrow of ur genetic code. So just double tap & keep it movin’ bro, U have no business sticking ur ignorant perspective in the lions den.”

The n-word, no matter how you spell it, is vile, and no matter how proponents for use of the word spin it, the word will always be rooted in hate and trigger, for many, emotions and memories that can hardly be described as “endearing.”

Some fail to see what progress and innovations have been made in our communities from the celebration of the n-word. Also, policing who has the acceptable level of melanin to get an n-word pass has grown tiresome. Why must we do this? Iggy Azalea got a pass but V-Nasty didn’t. Odd, yet interesting…

We co-sign this blogger’s comment, who asked:

“If you say what’s good “nigga” while greeting a “brother,” but turn around and say “f*ck you nigga” while killing another… Where’s the brotherhood or endearment? If the goal is to one day eradicate racism, we have to think about ALL people when we make judgments, observations, or comments of this magnitude, not just our individual race.”

What do you think about this? Is Omarion or the fan correct?

Celebs Who Got in Trouble for Using the N-Word
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(Photo Source: Omarion Instagram)

5 thoughts on “Omarion Fires Back At (White) Fan, Defends Use of N-Word

  1. Rev. Jesse B Redneck on said:

    I think this white lady is correct to get after the black guy. But I disagree with her lying about fighting unless they have been among themselves. I was 9 years old when I was beaten and robbed by a grown African male. An will never get over it! So I’ll be setting here rocking and waiting for the fight to start. I only been waiting 54 years.

  2. psnthersdec on said:

    Start calling white people honkies, po buckras and rednecks they will stop with this nonsense. White people are upset that we well them :NO” and that is what pisses them off. The N-word doesn’t mean nothing to them. NO upsets them, the N-word doesn’t.

  3. on said:

    I grew up in a time where the n-word was used to make black people feel less so I don’t use it and I taught my son that it is a word to degrade black people.

    Sent from my Boost Mobile phone.

  4. African American woman on said:

    I detest stupid people and Ormarion just earned his stupid badge. We keep crying racism, equality and respect, but then crap like this keeps emerging. I actually find it more offensive when we use the word, no matter the variation. Do we ever consider our ancestors????? Those of us who bore witness to a deadly, oppressive racism? Those people banded together and fought for what’s right. We continue to throw it all away. SO SAD. How do any of us expect to move past the negativity when we keep holding on to it? Any black person who dares to insult another black person by uttering that word should be kicked out of the race.

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