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If you haven’t seen the video I encourage you to log onto and see it for yourself.

“Why is he acting so crazy? (Screaming)  What the (bleep)  you doing? Call my mama. Call my mama oh god.  On your face. ”

The video is from McKinney, Texas on Friday.

In the video a police officer is seen wrestling to the ground, a 14-year old, girl wearing a bikini after officers were called because of a disturbance at the community pool.

Police say some of the kids did not have permission to enter the party and some had even jumped the fence to get in.

The party’s host, 19-year-old Tatiana Rhodes says that’s not true.

She says it all started with a white woman who used racial slurs against her and the other teens.

“She was saying things such as black f’er that’s why you live in section 8 homes. And there’s also a male that was saying rude things.”

Tatiana says it escalated into more name calling and then it turned physical, first with one woman attacking her and then another.

Other residents in the neighborhood, many of whom are black, say the incident was not about race.

One of them is Benet Embry, a local radio personality, who say residents are only supposed to have two 2 people, max, as pool guests and there were way more people there than allowed.

“What I did see before the cameras or the video started going is that teens were jumping over the fence after security was telling them they can’t come in to swim, not because they were black, but because they didn’t live in the community itself.”

Embry said the flier went viral on social media and that’s when people who weren’t invited began to show up.

Embry says a handful of quote “knuckleheads” ruined a party with more than a hundred good kids.

He says because he’s telling the truth about the incident he’s not gotten death threats also gotten death threats.

“According to everybody else now I am an Uncle Tom. And just like my friend Brian Gestner now who was on the video helping break up the fight and even giving kids water he is now a skin head Nazi.  That’s not what it’s all about.  This whole thing has been sensationalized by sub, social media types.  They’re looking for a story.  And as I said on my Facebook post, we as a community, the black community have other issues to deal with other than flights of fancy and made up stuff.  We need to be dealing with the real issues with our community, our society, our country just because somebody’s mad.”

Embry says don’t judge the entire incident that went on for 30 minutes or more by a 7 minute clip of the part where police were trying to get the incident under control.

The officer is on administrative leave.

The investigation is ongoing.

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