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If you haven’t seen the video I encourage you to log onto and see it for yourself.

“Why is he acting so crazy? (Screaming)  What the (bleep)  you doing? Call my mama. Call my mama oh god.  On your face. ”

The video is from McKinney, Texas on Friday.

In the video a police officer is seen wrestling to the ground, a 14-year old, girl wearing a bikini after officers were called because of a disturbance at the community pool.

Police say some of the kids did not have permission to enter the party and some had even jumped the fence to get in.

The party’s host, 19-year-old Tatiana Rhodes says that’s not true.

She says it all started with a white woman who used racial slurs against her and the other teens.

“She was saying things such as black f’er that’s why you live in section 8 homes. And there’s also a male that was saying rude things.”

Tatiana says it escalated into more name calling and then it turned physical, first with one woman attacking her and then another.

Other residents in the neighborhood, many of whom are black, say the incident was not about race.

One of them is Benet Embry, a local radio personality, who say residents are only supposed to have two 2 people, max, as pool guests and there were way more people there than allowed.

“What I did see before the cameras or the video started going is that teens were jumping over the fence after security was telling them they can’t come in to swim, not because they were black, but because they didn’t live in the community itself.”

Embry said the flier went viral on social media and that’s when people who weren’t invited began to show up.

Embry says a handful of quote “knuckleheads” ruined a party with more than a hundred good kids.

He says because he’s telling the truth about the incident he’s not gotten death threats also gotten death threats.

“According to everybody else now I am an Uncle Tom. And just like my friend Brian Gestner now who was on the video helping break up the fight and even giving kids water he is now a skin head Nazi.  That’s not what it’s all about.  This whole thing has been sensationalized by sub, social media types.  They’re looking for a story.  And as I said on my Facebook post, we as a community, the black community have other issues to deal with other than flights of fancy and made up stuff.  We need to be dealing with the real issues with our community, our society, our country just because somebody’s mad.”

Embry says don’t judge the entire incident that went on for 30 minutes or more by a 7 minute clip of the part where police were trying to get the incident under control.

The officer is on administrative leave.

The investigation is ongoing.

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30 thoughts on “Don Lemon: The Pool Party Video Looks Bad But It’s Not The Whole Story

  1. Charleese on said:

    When these incidents start happening to white kids, we will start hearing from white parents about police brutaility. The hatred is real and black folks need to wake up from the dream of feeling “everything is alright.”

  2. Malaysia on said:

    I find it funny that they claim that many of the residents were black and said that it wasn’t about race. Yet every article that I read the only black resident who commented seem to be Embry. They referred to him as an Uncle Tom because he referred to them as thugs.

  3. TinaB on said:

    Even if everything in this article is true, the police officer was still way out of line the way he handled the young girl and some of the other children. He manhandled her for talking when it was obvious that she did not have a weapon and was really not a threat. Just because she was 14 does not mean that her freedom of speech rights were revoked! He also told the two black boys, who seemed calm and well-mannered, and repeatedly said that they were just being dropped off for the party, to sit down and don’t move. But he allowed a white boy to move and follow him around with a cellphone and video his actions. He never once told the white kid to sit down. I bet in retrospect, he now wishes he would have harrassed the white kid with the video and left the black kids alone! It was the white kids video that led to his demise!

  4. Shame on Don for being a journalistic prostitute. He is trying to inflame, cause division and create dis harmony between races.
    Don is deceptive for his one sided reporting on this incident.
    this “pool party” was on community property, not private, no authority was given to hold the event,income was derived going directly to the planners, as they have done prior to this event. Loud expletive music was disturbing the neighborhood for over 3 hours. Massive amount of kids were trespassing into the pool area, 2 girls were fighting which prompted the call for police, as well as the growing uncontrollable crowd. these are the facts about what happened which are not being reported.

    • JoanneH on said:

      Did you even read the entire article? Don Lemon was not reporting one side. Go back and read and try to comprehend before posting.

  5. Guest on said:

    Typical idiot response to yell racism instead of paying attention to the facts. Truth always stands alone which explains why Embry is being attacked. Pure bred dummies. Probably the same ones causing the problem. Misery loves company. Maturity has become too hard to attain.

    • Harold WIlliams on said:

      I really don’t know why all of you racist trolls are on this vine anyway. Black people are always in the wrong according to you bigots. The truth is that the rich , privileged white folks did not want Blacks in the pool no matter if they were invited or not. Also, the black UNCLE TOM was not doing anything to help and is a discredit to all Black people. You racist trolls need to stay off Black America Web period!!

  6. Don’t ever say what you will and won’t do in any situation. You don’t know until you are in the situation personally. As my grandmother used to say, never say what you, your children or others will and won’t do; THEY WILL MAKE A LIAR OUT OF YOU EVERY TIME!!!!! Words to live by.

  7. Yes, young people need to learn respect, but that cop looked out of control. Especially when he did the roll as though he was in war. It was like, I am a police and I get to do my police stuff. I gonna roll, then I am going to use my authority to make them sit down , then if they do not do what I say, I am going to slam them to the ground to show them whose boss. The cop was so hyped and the other cops were pretty cool. The cop needs to be checked because he may just kill somebody for real. These were teenagers, the next may be well, anyone. Too excited to be a cop! Living his child hood dream…..

  8. Elizabeth on said:

    Parents, watch your children. The one mother who says she was the adult at the party went to get supplies and came back to chaos. More parents should have attended to watch their children and help her. The rude residents were disrespecting these children and the children were trying to handle a grown up situation. The policeman used poor behavior to get the situation under control. Call some parents off their jobs to come get their kids and it would have been handled.

  9. Candice on said:

    Look when the WHITE kids at the party are saying it was the adults…maybe we should listen to those kids! Especially since there words seems to be trusted over those of black children.

  10. MD Guest on said:

    Even my own child admitted teens can be rowdy when having fun and if someone said something to them it is ALWAYS a knucklehead who brings violence and chaos!! Stop acting like all these kids were angels!! You know what saddens me more…if that girl had been shot in the head and killed by gang violence etc. her dad or none of the others would have protested or snitched to find the shooter and you wonder why NO ONE takes us seriously using white police as a scapegoat for our problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The media loves out of control black people to make great TV!

    • MD Guest on said:

      You do realize that baby angel thug Mike Brown was a TEENAGER???????????? I don’t blame police for trying to bring order but slamming her head and language was unnecessary. She should have done like several other BLACK MALE teens did and that’s sit her butt down obey and let her father (who seemed to be intelligent and not a thug like MBs mom and stepfather) handle the situation!!! All her mouth wasn’t necessary! My daughters know the deal when I’m called. No need for them to be disrespectful to B more police!!!

      • Candice on said:

        So what was disrespectful for that young lady to tell someone to call her mother?

    • It does when several are running up on him like a pack of dogs. I promise you that had that officer been alone, they would have jumped him. Do doubt. If you run up on an armed person, cop or not they’re going to pull out the gun and if they don’t shoot, at least force you to get back. Which is exactly what happened. (One was able to haul ass while holding his sag up).

    • Guest on said:

      No. The threat to his safety justified him pulling a gun. He was clearly outnumbered by multiple idiots ganging up, surrounding him. He should’ve protected himself

  11. If it was my son, I would tell them to take him on to jail. These kids are very rude and disrespectful. While you kids have your cell phones out, google, behavior, rude, and wanna be grown. The police told you to do something. Shut your month and do it.

      • Harold, we are black. Sorry you got something else wrong again. Library Harold, visit it. You can learn something. And where are your kids. NO; you don”t have any. Thank God

  12. That officer was the only one acting like a damn fool, excalating the situation instead of calming it down. The other officers were calming the situation, he’s was rolling on the ground and grabbing kids just standing around. If it were your child, I wonder if you would feel it was justified. Total over reaction by this cop in particular.

  13. absolute on said:

    “Black childrend need to know how to behave” you sound like a damn fool saying something stupid like that. I know many black children who know how to behave and those who were childern that are now adults, they knew how to behave too. Regardless of what supporters of Casebolt say, he handled the situation horribly!

    • Say what on said:

      Black kids need to learn how to behave. Sorry if I am not saying it polite (I am only focusing black kids since that is the TOPIC. Get it. My comment is no different than folks who say our kids are disrepectful which means THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE). We know white, Hispanic, etc kids to learn how to behave as well but that is NOT my focus (that is some of our problem as well. we as blacks are always worried about what some other race is not or not doing). My concern is our kids and I want our blacks kids to learn how to deal with law enforcement. We know things are not fair and I want our kids to learn how to keep from dying and making a situation worst.

  14. Say what on said:

    And black children need to learn how to behave. This kind of stuff will soon fall on death ears because it seems like blacks kids want to disrespect and then call out racism when they are put in check. Racism exist but sometimes some things are brought on by our own behavior.

    • KatrinaA on said:

      Who are you to say black children need to learn how to behave? My guess is you’re a part of the ongoing problem. Call it what it was! Blatant racism and excessive force. Instead of the cops trying to control the situation, they ran around adding fuel to it. So in my opinion, there weren’t any grownups out there period…including the cops. THEY WERE CHILDREN! End of story. My thoughts of you are…if it was blond Becky down on that ground, you would not be saying this. So BE APART OF A SOLUTION instead OF CONSTANTLY BEING THE PROBLEM…or just keep your ignorance to yourself!

      • Say what on said:

        Last time I check Katrina I was allowed to give my view just like you. YES, black kids need to learn how to behave ( I only say black kids since this TOPIC is about BLACK KIDS). We know our kids can act up and when cops tell you to do something, do it. If the cops is wrong, wait until you can fight it in court. I stand by that action to do when dealing with cops. The only one who seem ignorant is you. My thought is for our kids to learn to fight in the system and stay away from “Stereotype” behavior which only make those who hate you feel justify in what they are doing to black kids.

  15. Linda on said:

    The POS cop totally mis-handled this entire incident. and definitely used EXCESS FORCE.
    Thank God he did not shoot and kill any ot these young kids!

    He needs to be FIRED-next time he just might shoot and kill some innocent kids!!!

    • Yep. Thank God he didn’t shoot the innocent young things. Especially the three that ran up on him. Had he been alone, they would have jumped him for sure. They had absolutely no business going anywhere near him. They should have been running in the other direction. Sagging draws and all.

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