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Roland Martin talks to Texas Senator Royce West about the McKinney, Texas cop who is on leave after pulling a gun on unarmed teens at a pool party.

“We’ve seen the video and it’s real clear what happened. What I see is several constitutional rights were violated. There are no Anglos that were even questioned. I must applaud the chief of police for firing him right on the spot,” West said.

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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8 thoughts on “Texas Senator Royce West Talks McKinney Cop Who Pulled Gun At Pool Party

  1. Williams on said:

    BAW rarely gets the facts correct. They are so busy trying to be biased that the truth is never investigated. For BAW it is all about the FAM, nothing else matters.
    I live in the Dallas area and facebook is lit up with peoples first hand reports of what happened here. Some are from kids at the party. Some are from residence that live near the pool. After reading through them all I will bring you what first hand reports are said about this. Without being misled by the media.
    The party was advertised on Twitter and facebook. They were charging $15 to come to the party. This is actually something that this group does all the time. So it wasn’t the first time they have done this. It wasn’t a innocent planned pool party. It was in fact a rave like party set up by this group that does it all the time. They choose a pool. Set up a DJ next to the pool. Charge money and tell kids where to go using social networking. They even tell kids how to avoid security getting into the events.
    So hundreds of teens showed up. They were cursing, drinking, and smoking pot. They were being rude to residents that lived there and were yelling racial slurs at the residents. They couldn’t do anything about the DJ or party because it was in a public space next to the pool.
    The security were at the pool keeping the kids out. Then the kids started to assault the security guard and were jumping over the fence to get into the pool. A mother at the pool was trying to remove here children from the situation and was walking them across the parking lot to their car. A young teen girl went to the woman from behind and attacked her first by pulling her hair down. Leaving the three young children running towards their car.
    This is when the police were called out.
    BAW you should be ashamed of yourself for not investigating this first. You should know that the media lies to get ratings. But I guess it wouldn’t be a story for you unless these kids were targeted for no other reason than for being black. After all black skin should be a crime and black lives matter. In the last three days 40 blacks have lost their lives in chicago alone. I don’t see you doing a story on that.
    All the racist that come to BAW will hate what I had to write here. But it is the truth. On Saturday night some black teens returned to the area and kicked in doors, looted homes and even stole a truck then crashed it into several cars. The news didn’t report any of this Monday morning. But why should they. That is a non story.
    What a shame.

  2. Joy2 on said:

    SMH!! West is a Senator, and it appears he didn’t fully research the incident before speaking with Roland. It’s being reported that the officer was ‘Suspended’ (with pay I might add)…..and not “fired’. West should be embarrassed for his lack of readiness in participating in an interview!

  3. Ms Curly on said:

    Come on BAW you gotta keep up with the story. The gir who threw the pool party Tatiana Rose has spoke up and according to her a white woman started all the comotion at the party then once the cops were called they went directly to the black teenagers instead of finding out what the problem was. I hope that young girls sues them down to their draws.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Okay so was the cop placed on leave or was he fired right on the spot? And that’s the problem with the media.

  5. John h White Jr. on said:

    After The Turmoil A Sign Was Left At The Pool Thanking The For Police For Protecting Them- A White Female Parent Was The Instigator. Voicing Her Displeasure Of The Teenagers

  6. Sherry Foster on said:

    People who constinually see black people being shot & killed or teens being rough housed by the police dont/cant/won’t empathize because they DON’T LOOK LIKE THEM. If incidents happened to Caucasians, I promise you, there would be systemic changes.

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