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Reality TV star Tami Roman and her boyfriend Reggie Youngblood stopped by the HipHollywood loft last Thursday to talk about their appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.


During the discussion, Roman explained that although her man is 17 years her junior, she doesn’t like being called a MILF (“Mom I’d Like To F***). She also discussed the importance of older women being lively and youthful. “For me, even though I’m up in age, I still feel like I am young in spirit,” the 45-year-old said.

Youngblood said to date someone older, the woman should have “youthful energy. You can’t be around lagging or acting like you tired. You gotta be horny all the time. You got to be like a little rabbit.”

Tami added, “After a certain age we reach this point where we want it all the time.”

The couple revealed that they have a sex at least 2-3 times a day – on a slow day. “It’s in some way, form of fashion. It doesn’t have to be penetration. We can rub out sometimes. It’s different methods to get it going,” Tami said.

You can watch their candid chat below.

Youngblood is a self-described regular guy from Houston, Texas who owns a trucking company. Despite the age gap being an ever-present issue in their relationship, Youngblood hopes to start a family with Roman soon.

Season three of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” premiered May 29, and you can check out the couple consult with relationship experts to learn how to overcome their issues Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv.

In a 2014 interview with thejasminebrand, Tami and Reggie were asked what they enjoy most about their relationship:

Reggie: For me personally, she’s just a real person. She’s a genuine person–it’s hard to meet a genuine female. She’s a real person–that’s what I love about her.

Tami: He’s an admitted womanizer in the past because he just felt like all women wasn’t worth anything or out to get something. He was coming from that place and I was coming from the place that I can’t trust men based on my previous relationships. We’re both wounded but help each other by being together.

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(Photo Source: Tami’s Instagram)

6 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Tami Roman, Reggie Youngblood Dish On Sex Life: ‘We Want it All the Time’

  1. John Q Public on said:

    Who are these people and what is their significance to us? With all the problems besetting Black America, who gives a damn about a MILF and her boy toy!

  2. Who are these people and who cares about their sex lives?? This was an interview, someone called them into a studio tell us this? LOL!!! She seems happier than him. . . . funny! Well wishing them both years of happiness.

  3. geno on said:

    It won’t take long he’ll get tired of that old worn-out hag. Have a baby, girl get a grip!! Get your AARP card and sit down somewhere. Man wake up, don’t let your little head lead you around. It don’t have eyes but you do.

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