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Sorry, fellas. Nia Long is off the market officially now as she confirmed her engagement to San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Ime Udoka with E! News. The two have been dating for five years and share a 3-year-old-son,  Kez, along with Nia’s song Massai, by a previous relationship.


This is part of a good year for Long so far as she is the lead in the upcoming ABC sitcom Uncle Buck, co-starring Mike Epps.


The 44-year-old actress and Udoka, 36, have not set a date or revealed any of their upcoming plans but Long’s rep confirmed that the two are engaged after a paparazzi shot caught the bling on Long’s finger as the couple exited a Hollywood restaurant this week.

In 2013, Long, who played the hard-driving Jordan in both Best Man movies, told Rolling Out that women should embrace partnership as well as career success.

“You have to have an open heart to be vulnerable to accept it when it does come. I think the more success you have as a woman, you kinda go, ‘Well, I don’t really need a man, cause look—I have everything I want,’ but the truth is you do need a partner because at some point in your life you’re not going to want to walk alone.”

(Photo: WhoSay)

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7 thoughts on “Nia Long: ‘Yes, I’m Engaged’

  1. rena on said:

    Pardon me for being presumptive, but I was under the impression that these two were already engaged (and married).

  2. Lorie Miller on said:

    Engaged! she already has 2 children, and they should be on there way to the courthouse, or announcing their wedding date. skip the engagement.

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