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Funny people with way too much time on their hands decided to bless everyone with new examples of Beyonce’s flawlessness with #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat.

Ok, we may have pegged our beloved Bey as one of the most overexposed celebs ever, but the Internet has given us a whole new reason to watch her (not that anyone ever stopped). People from all over the Web have laid new music over some old videos of Beyoncé, and it’s probably the funniest thing you’re going to see all day. Grab a cocktail and cackle!

Most people are mystified by Bey’s moves! They’re so on-point. We didn’t realize how awesome they were, though, until the #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat sprang up this weekend. Her steps can go with literally anything!

Bey’s so on the beat, even her clones move in perfect time with everything ever.

She’s even on beat with Michelle Williams’ praise and worship. Leave it to her because we’re pretty sure you shouldn’t twerk in church.


Beyoncé will stay on the beat while warning you not to cross the line…unless you want to get stung by the Beyhive. Don’t do it!

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Her talent for staying on the beat, reaches back to music from the 90s…


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