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It appears that Chris Brown has a new female problem. And no, it’s not with Karrueche Tran.

Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, are not playing nice to each other because she claims that he’s stopped paying the monthly $2500 child support payment, and now she’s pissed and wants even more.

TMZ says multiple sources tell them that Breezy had been paying the $2500 up until March when the gravy train all of sudden came to halt. The sources say Guzman, the mother of baby Royalty, started demanding $15k a month. And yes, you guessed it, Chris isn’t havin’ it.

We’re told Chris says Nia’s treating the baby like a winning lottery ticket, but she claims he’s being incredibly cheap and their daughter is suffering as a result.

We’re told Nia’s lawyer, Carl Moore, will be filing legal docs in the next 2 weeks demanding back child support and a huge monthly hike.

However, we hear there’s a settlement brewing. Nia probably won’t get $15,000, but it’s a safe bet she’ll be banking a lot more than that measly monthly $2.5k she was already receiving from Brown.

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31 thoughts on “Report: Chris Brown Asked To Pay More In Child Support For Daughter Royalty

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    He may as well meet her halfway because if she takes him to court he could possibly end up paying more than the 15K based on his income. It would be in his best interest to come to an agreement with her because she will definitely get more than the $2,500.00 per month if they have to go to court.

  2. He cannot just stop making those child support payments unless he is court ordered. She has to file into courthouse the need for more child support, she does not have the power without a court ordet to make Chris pay more. They both have to go to court. Otherwise, Chris, your trip to court may make you pay more and backpay. Good luck.

  3. pac4me on said:

    Child Support is exactly what it says CHILD SUPPORT – included in that is food, housing, clothing. medical, education, and transportation. Will 2.5K a month provide for all of that? NOT!!!!

  4. Amy Steward on said:

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  5. Since when is $2500 a month measly? If she gets off of her ass and gets a job the child would have both parents supporting her. I hate greedy folks trying to take advantage of others. Don’t respond with your negativity, I don’t want to hear it. His ass should have worn a condom, yes.

    • Boo Boo on said:

      I agree. She probably was not working and had less money a month. If she budget that money it may cover the baby’s daycare, food and medical cost.

  6. Sheryl on said:

    We already know Chris Brown’s history. A glimpse in Nia’s history does not look good…married and had a boyfriend..and yet having sex with another man-Chris Brown. Nia may have seduced this kid and yes I’m saying kid because Chris Brown is 6 years younger without all of her experience.

  7. Way to go CB, keep up the image of how a RICH black man should treat his woman to all the Black youth of America. and teaching them The 3 “F” in LIFFFE

    • Sheryl on said:

      FB, you need to direct this comment to the sports stars who display violent behavior towards women…..yet another violent incident as recent as this week. These SPORTS STARS PLAY FOR MAJOR ORGANIZATIONS and they do not respect women.

  8. This is why I hate skeezy ho bag beeeeetches. Get a job you worthless ghetto gutter trash. Someone please tell me how 2500 a month will not cover ALL Expenses for this child. It will feed her, it will provide her with diapers, and other things she uses and needs daily. It will also leave extra money for her greedy mother to do with what she wants. Ridiculous. He needs to shut up and pay that 2500. Cause if they re-evaluate his income and base it off of that, he will be paying a lot more.

  9. MD Guest on said:

    I have no sympathy for Breezy getting this trash pregnant BUT I need to comment on one thing, I let my ex get away with paying $25 weekly for years because I knew he was having a rough time (he got booted from military while I was overseas) and I made so much more money. Well well well do you think he told me he he had a GREAT job? I found out when I filed for an increase/update. Then that fool had the nerve to come to MD from our hometown St. Louis and get mad because our daughter was living good and told me I didn’t need his $350 a month!!! Men can be a@@@@. Glad I paid for my divorce and left my Bobby Brown in St. Louis!!!! My child is 29 and he just got through paying the back pay!!! Breezy I hope you get cast as Scarecrow in The Wiz!!!!!!!

    • MD Guest on said:

      During my child support battle I used to BLAST Whitney’s It’s Not Right But It’s OK!!!! hahahahahahaha Now I need to go see if my tax intercept check came in yet. THANK GOD MD doesn’t play about taking care of da kiddies!!!!

  10. Tark222 on said:

    Big mistake by Chris. You name your daughter “Royalty” and how much money do you think she (and her mama) is gonna expect?….. Well, live and learn, but you are gonna have to pay for your mistakes.

  11. Tina on said:

    When will Chris and all these other black male celebrities and athletes realize that these women only have dollar signs in mind when they sleep with them? and its almost always women of another race. They deserve to pay that child support because you must pay for being stupid!

  12. Michael Johnson on said:

    When I made 45K per year, my ex-wife was getting $1,000 per month. She always wanted more. I eventually found out that my money wasn’t being used for the kids, but to support her heroin habit. I then got custody of the kids…how much money did I get per month? $0.

    It doesn’t cost $15,000 per month to raise 1 child or even 5 children. No matter how much I hate Chris Brown..he’s right…she’s thinks she’s won the lottery.

  13. Taylor on said:

    He is going to have so many problems with this woman. Ka knew this woman was going to be a big problem that is exactly when she said she did not want any mama, baby drama. Chris has not seen anything yet, hope he do not see himself back in jail. He needs a well round experienced lawyer other ways this woman is going to take him to the bank.

  14. Mr. 803 on said:

    You mean to tell me this woman cannot take care of the child with $2500/month… Child support payment is for the child, not for you to go and buy all the latest fashion, materials and go to the club and buy the big bottles of alcohol… Where in the US does it say, after a woman has a kid, they don’t have to work anymore… And she got the nerve to ask for $15K/month.. You got to be kidding me… It’s not all her fault, b/c at the end of the day Chris Brown still f*cked her knowing damn well her intentions.. When will these dudes learn to quick turning these “Thots” into “Mothers”… Dudes will put a new iphone case on their phones but will not put a condom on when they are out sleeping with everybody!!!

  15. take the babu from her and make her pay child support.. or tell the judge you want shared custody.. she has the baby for 6 mths and she takes care of it,, and you can visit every other money exchanged… then you take the baby for 6 mths and she can see the baby every other weekend, no money exchanged,,or do that for a year at the time, share the holidays,,because the mother works not like you had her put up some where in a fancy house and she got use to that life style.. only fair yall split the support,,

  16. darlene on said:

    Chris Brown need to go ahead and pay what she is asking for child support .whether he want to or not. The old saying is .that’s what you get when you sleep with a hood rat.

  17. MacBen on said:

    Measly!? Damn if the mammy is putting in her half that comes to $5000 a month- on a child. B!tch please!!!! These hoes & lawyers need to stop this bullshit. Chris should hire a private detective to dig up dirt (drugs, promiscuity…) then drag that hoe into court!

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