Ever since the Nina Simone biopic, “Nina,” was completed in 2013, folks have been waiting for a release date. Now we have an idea of when the film, with its controversial casting of Zoe Saldana, will see the light of day.

While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Latham-Jones the newly named owner of Ealing Studios — the film house that owns “Nina” — confirmed that it should in theaters before the end of the year.

When photos of Saldana on set in full dark make-up and an afro emerged online, backlash started immediately — some even petitioned to have the actress fired from the project because Saldana lacked little resemblance to the legendary singer.

A while back, Saldana spoke with BET about the hate and described her initial reaction.

“Though it did sting for a bit that a community that you feel most identified with would have such a negative backlash and you’re the epicenter of it all, [it] is very disappointing. But at the same time too, it’s understandable,” Saldana admits.

“All I can say is the people that came together to do Nina, came together out of love for Nina. So that will never be wrong and I will always stand behind that,” she emphatically said.

“Nina” also stars David Oyelowo, Mike Epps, Anthony Molinari.

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