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Critics have been known to call model and actress Janice Dickinson everything but a child of God – over the top, addict, crazy.

But Dickinson might be crazier than a fox this time.

She could be the first and only person to force Bill Cosby to break his silence on rape allegations that have dogged him for decades.

Dickinson is suing Cosby for defamation of character.

“I’m telling you the truth and anyone out there who’s listening that I want the truth and I want justice.  I want justice done”

Dickinson’s attorney Lisa Bloom is basing her lawsuit in part on recent off the cuff jokes made by Cosby on stage mocking an audience member who got up to get a drink and Cosby insinuation that he shouldn’t be trusted around alcohol.

Bloom and Dickinson claim such jokes cause emotional distress.

The bulk of the suit is based on this statement made by Cosby’s attorney Martin Singer after the rape allegations resurfaced last year:

“Janice Dickinson’s story accusing Bill Cosby of rape is a lie. There is a glaring contradiction between what she is claiming now for the first time and what she wrote in her own book and what she told the media back in 2002. … The only story she gave 12 years ago to the media and in her autobiography was that she refused to sleep with Mr. Cosby and he blew her off. Documentary proof and Ms. Dickinson’s own words show that her new story about something she now claims happened back in 1982 is a fabricated lie.”

“So the statement that you just raised is the basis for our lawsuit for defamation because calling Janice Dickinson a liar is a defamatory statement under the law.  And that was the mistake that Bill Cosby made.  It was too late for her to sue for rape or for drugging but once he through his representatives called her a liar she had a fresh claim for defamation and that’s the lawsuit we filed today. And let’s get into it.  Let’s go to court and let Janice prove her case that she was not lying when she said he drugged and raped her.”

Dickinson’s ghost writer backs up her claims that she told him in great detail about the Cosby accusations.

Cosby’s lawyers say she’s lying.

“I want Lisa Bloom to depose Bill Cobsy, get him on the stand in front of a jury and let law decide.”

Both women say this is more about defamation than about the alleged rape years ago.

But if Bill Cosby is deposed or takes the stand that could open up a legal can of worms for him where he would be on the record; a legal record that some 46 other women could use to also get their day in court.

Janice Dickinson, crazy- or crazy like a fox?

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17 thoughts on “Don Lemon: Could Janice Dickinson Be The One To Take Down Cosby? + Jamie Foxx Weighs In

  1. MD Guest on said:

    To this day my buckeye DAUGHTER tells people how much fun she had meeting (they came to perform) Bill and Kevin Hart while in school!!! Wait let me stop rolling on the floor with laughter I’m supposed to take the laughing stock of the plastic surgery world Janice Dickinson serioulsy??? hahahahahahaha I agree with another poster why don’t these women admit they were trying to make it in Hollywood so they attended these parties drunk, high etc, praying to be discovered by the FAMOUS men like Bill Cosby??? Next his sets (Cosby Show and A Different World) were LOADED with intelligent women whom I don’t think would have let COsby get away with disrespecting them then say something 30+ years later???? This has become a media witch hunt mad nothing is sticking to get his $400 million dollars!!!!

  2. Tammy on said:

    Bill Cosby is still selling out. His show is back on the air on another station when Tvland dropped Cosby show (funny “seventh Heaven still was on tv and they had child abuser who ADMITTED and was PROVEN to have sex with underage girl. Where are the few people crashing Bill’s shows who are trashing that actor on Seventh Heaven?). I think the Majority of people have moved on. ONLY the few mourners are still talking (and we know media give voice to the few outcryers because it makes new and $$$ for them). I say it again, IF it did happen, Janice should have said something when it mattered. And for Lisa Bloom, she is the daughter of Gloria Alred. Enuf said.

    • Tammy on said:

      Again, I think he did sleep with alot of these women; however, was it rape. There is a reason why these women ALL responsed in the same manner. Sorry if a crime like this happen; often time, the women are going to response differently. I find it “suspious” that ALL of these women did the same thing and NOT one ever talked to police to have evidence found and to take it to court in order to let the evidence come out and see who is telling the truth? Again, I believe Bill Cosby slept with a lot of them but I find it hard to believe based on how these women responsed that it was rape. If you are sleeping WILLING with a woman; how you really prove you did not rape and put a drug in her drink even if you did not do? He can not and that is why I think he is quiet; however that is a reason MOST of these women did NOT speak and I believe they were put up to do it. funny these women came out AFter a comic talked about it? Come on now. If am raped, I would not need a comic to make me talk and go to court and fight and show evidence.

  3. yanni on said:

    She says he called her a liar, no he didn’t his lawyer did. So if she can sue HIM for that, then he ought to be able to sue her for going on national TV and calling him a rapist and basically a drug dealer without having had any proof of such. She said she only wants justice for herself and all the women who have spoken up and for the ones who have yet to say anything, well going to civil court means YOU want MONETARY DAMAGES and you can bet if she went and was to win those others women would never get one penny. She says she is NOW sober and is all about the truth, so does that means she was willing to lie before to get what she wanted. This women was stoned most of her younger life in Hollywood so how would she know if anyone had given her anything? She would take things and do anything to advance her career in show business. She was Kardashian like because there never was a camera she didn’t like and she would do ANYTHING for a buck and didn’t care if the publicity was negative or not! She could bring Cosby to court and he could plead the fifth on everything and would have to say anything, so she had better have some strong stuff!!! Seems to me since she claims to have nightmare and stuff like that, instead of having a lawyer she ought to have a therapist at her side!!!

    • Tammy on said:

      I agree. Again, I believe Mr. Cosby cheated on his wife with alot of these women; however, I am NOT convince it was rape. This is why he is not talking because he did sleep with many of them; however, I believe many of these women are using this situation (after a comic talked about it) to make money or they are upset with Mr. Cosby for whatever reason and want to bring him down out of revenage or because he was “fresh” man and this is why many of these women did NOT speak about it. I do not buy into that nonsense of “I was afraid of Cosby”-please if they would have just peeped about Cosby raping them a famous person-and Cosby did not have the “star power” back then as he did in later years, Cosby would have been put under the bus regardless if it was true or not. And star power or not, if these people are accused, people will listen; however, most people can smell nonsense as well.

    • Tammy on said:

      True, and women also LIE to destroy men for revenage ( I have relative where a girl lied on him because he would not date her and he started dating another girl and she falsely accused him. So I know women can lie. Also, my mother was attempted to be “ganged raped” and she did not know the men and that is reason why she did not tell. It was not a man walking around that she knew and he is because successful in the city. My mother said there is no way if Cosby who is KNOWN would have done something like that to me that I would not have pressed charges and let the evidence come out in court. So I know it from that perspective as well) or to try to get money. So which is it in this case? YOu do not know no more than people who think it is bogus.

  4. First of all, Don Lemon, I question your priorities. You are trying to give legitimate voice to a drunken, washed-up, botoxed has-been like Janice Dickinson?? And her rape allegations against Bill Cosby? You actually use the words “take him down”??” Don. Please stop it. If you used your common sense about these rape allegations, you would be asking the same curious questions that we do; and seeing the holes in these drugging and rape stories against Cosby. “Why didn’t you say anything when these rapes “allegedly” happened 20 to 30 years ago?? “Why are you accusing Cosby now??” None of the allegations add up, and you know it Don. Secondly, Don Lemon. Stop jumping into Black folks business because you obviously do not have our best interest at heart. Most of your articles are “Anti-Black people” Go ahead and side with the people you are more familiar with—–Racist white folk!!

  5. Our children are dying in the streets, and YOU are going to give Janice Dickinson some shine?? Why wasn’t anything said when it happened?? Until he is locked up for wrong doing, I will respect him; and you should too Don. Why don’t you use your voice to stop black on black crime? Why don’t you use your voice to stop the police from killing our children?? Put up or shut the hell up. That goes for you and CNN.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    “But if Bill Cosby is deposed or takes the stand that could open up a legal can of worms for him…” This is not about to happen, his lawyers are smarter than that. Janice should have stated these accusations (1) when it happened back in 1982 and (2) in her book when she said she refused to sleep with him.

  7. Your website is horrible, plays multiple commercial at one time, it reposition our page when you are trying to review site. It plays commercial over what you are trying to view. Get it together

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