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A rash of gun violence exploded in Chicago over the weekend, leaving one person dead and 40 others injured.

In this recent spate of shootings that began last Friday, a grieving grandmother and grandson were shot on a porch while the woman hosted a wake for her daughter.

Chicago Police confirmed that the weekend’s lone fatality, 24-year-old Ronnie Montgomery, was found with gunshot wounds to his chest and shoulder in the city’s University Village section. The man was found just after midnight last Saturday morning, and it was noted in a report from DNAInfo Chicago that Montgomery was a member of a street gang.

No arrest has been made in connection with the case.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, 81-year-old Iola Burress, and 34-year-old Sylvester Burress were shot as family gathered at their home. Burress’ 23-year-old great-grandson, Ronnie Mosley, spoke with the Tribune, calling the shootings genocide.

From the Tribune:

“This is what Chicago looks forward to,” said Mosely of being able to be outside with friends and family.

“At a moment when that support was needed, we had that taken away, we had family out in the line of fire,” he said.

The injuries suffered by the pair were reportedly not serious.

A good number of the shootings occurred in the city’s notorious South Side, with gunfire occurring on the West and North Side regions as well. Authorities report that 18 shootings took place on Saturday alone.

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SOURCE: Chicago Tribune, DNAInfo Chicago | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Chicago Gun Violence Leaves 1 Dead, 40 Injured

  1. Joy2 on said:

    I’m a person of color…….and, I say where are the protesters when it comes to Blacks killing each other in LARGE numbers?!? BOTH Police brutality, and us killing each other needs to be addressed.

  2. MacBen on said:

    March and sang about this! Where ya at Rev. Al… Jesse (you live right there!!) And to think Rahm Emmanuel is upset because Spike Lee is making a film about Chicago violence…

    • People that talk like you are so stupid. It’s not any leading blacks job to hold the hand of everyone who gets shot or wants to shot. The point is what we do don’t give no, Sick Racist Bastdr White Nazi the right to shot Blacks and get away with it.
      On Haters: “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.” By Coretta King.

      • jhuf on said:

        Way to go criticize a racist comment with one of your own? Oh three of the six officers charged in Grey’s death are Black are they Nazis too? and in-spite of what you think of Ben’s comment it’s a good point, we kill each other on a Mass Market scale

      • MacBen on said:

        So speaking the truth is racist?? C’mon man, open your eyes…use your brain! The worst enemy of black people are other black people. Look at the stats. You quote King like she is better than you…ha!

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