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Gilbert Arenas confirmed to a judge he took back the ring he gave his estranged wife Laura Govan in 2008, but he didn’t sell it.


Also, Arenas confirmed in legal documents he and the mother of his four kids have been on bad terms since they broke up in 2014, kicking her out of their LA mansion.

Govan was kicked to the curb and claimed not only did he steal the ring from her and refused to give it back, he sold it! Arenas denied these allegations, according to TMZ.

Nevertheless, Arenas allegedly used to spend a lot of money on his estranged wife — including throwing her a three-day lavish birthday party, and flying she and her mother out to Santa Barbara, Calif. for lunch at a winery. Those days are seemingly over!

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(Photo Source: PR Photos/Laura Govan Instagram)

14 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas Confirms He Took His Ring Back from Laura Govan

  1. This man has been dissing her from day one..throwing her out the house and all..WHEN WILL SHE LEARN.. He’s not going to change..AT LEAST NOT FOR HER..

  2. I can’t believe these 2 still have so much drama. Years ago while she was pregnant he up and left without telling her and relocated to Orlando and she and the kids were still living in the house with no money.

  3. kay M on said:

    Their is no court of law that will make Gilbert Arenas give her that ring back. It was an engagement ring which is a prerequisite for marriage. Marriage never took place and therefore the ring is his. Laura needs to get a job and stop having babies by him. They have been back and forth for years. She’s a slut. I remember stories of Laura Govan and Shaq “getting it in” while he was married. She and her sister are a mess.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Oh okay so the whole article is a lie. I remember when BBW LA first came on, they said it was Arena’s fiance’ but I never heard they were married until this article.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    “…confirmed to a judge he took back the ring…” He had no right to do that, once you make a gift or engagement (and it is fulfilled) the ring belongs to her. He should have to pay her or give it back.

    • tdag107 on said:

      Uh no… an engagement ring is a CONDITIONAL gift… the marriage never happened so he has a right to take it back.

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    I didn’t realize that they had gotten married wow are they getting a divorce or are they just arguing about th ring? this relations continues to be a nightmare. A few years ago she put $25,000 on his credit card and I think he sued her about it the next thing they were having another child good grief!!!!!!! Good luck with that mess

  6. specialt757 on said:

    “…the mother of his four kids…” I’m just gonna put it out there, why would you have four kids by a man you’re not married to? Feel how you wanna feel.

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