Amber Rose was on Power 105.1 and said that Tyga should be ashamed of himself for dating a 17-year-old and Khloe Kardashian snapped back on the MILF, tweeting about Amber’s past as a stripper. Then Khloe said that if she wanted to pick on someone, make it her and not her little teenage sister. Oh so now she wants to regard Kylie as a child? Right.

Ok, so Rose called Kim Kardashian a whore. While we’re not about this type of negativity, you’re allowed to call your ex-boyfriend’s current lady a whore at least once. Khloe wasn’t feeling that and publicly liked nude-ish photos of Amber that were posted on a random Instagram account called @KimWestUpdates.

That’s when epic greatness happened and Rose came for the entire Kardashian Krew on Instagram. The sisters were pretty quiet after that. Until…

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