Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni read the Kardashian Klan for filth! Apparently there was an interview where Chyna’s baby’s father, Tyga‘s (who is 25) grandmother did an interview (Tyga claims its fake) where she said that his underaged girlfriend Kylie Jenner (17) had a “better family.” Toni was none too pleased when she heard about that interview and went in on Tyga, Kylie and the entire Kardashian posse.

We’re clutching our peals on this one, but this should show little Kylie that she’s not ready for a Black mother’s Black mother. No ma’am.

Any shots Kylie takes at Blac Chyna can easily be argued down because Blac Chyna has always been transparent and unapologetic around her sexuality andddd she’s of age. But we know Kylie knows better. She doesn’t say much of anything.

Tyga tried to come to his woman’s girl’s defense and commented on Toni’s photo saying:

Yo gotta stay off social media. All these stories are fake and you should know that. My grandma can barely speak English how would she says all those things. Don’t get up in the games the media tryna get everyone to play. I’ve yet to say any disrespectful about your daughter or u. And I don’t plan on it. There will continue to be lies and fake stories everyday. But try to be the bigger person and try not to resort to talkin publicly about a private family matter.. King is the bigger picture. Please keep the peace for his sake.”

Kylie, any words?

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