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You may have seen that viral video of a woman discipline her child for participating in the escalating violence in Baltimore a few days ago. Willie Moore Jr wants you to keep it 100 when he asks; was she right to do that in front of so many onlookers and a camera? Click on the audio player to hear the opinions on The Nightly Spirit.

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5 thoughts on “Was That Baltimore Mom Right To Discipline Her Son? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Charles Davis Sr. on said:

    Hell Yes. I rather her beat him out of Love and concern for his safety, than for the streets beat him and show no Love. This one is a no brainier

  2. Johhny on said:

    That’s a no brainer.A single mom with an African american male.Yes she had all the right. I wish more moms and dads step up to the plate and get these boys and girls direction. Life is too short

  3. Deb on said:

    It’s okay for the Police to beat Blacks to death and laugh about it, but it’s a problem when a mother discipline her child? BS, any child of mines get out of line I’m beating their ass.

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