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BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore police say their investigation into the death of Freddie Gray has revealed a new stop the police van made while transporting Gray.

Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis said the stop was previously unknown to investigators. It was one of four stops the wagon made after Gray was put inside.

Before Gray was put in the van, he asked officers for an inhaler, but didn’t get one. At the first stop, Gray was put in leg cuffs because police said he had become irate. The second stop — which was only revealed Thursday — was discovered by a privately owned camera.

Police did not say whether anything happened during the stop or why it was made. Online maps show the street corner appears to be deserted with three vacant lots and a store nearby.

The van stopped a third time, and the driver asked for an additional unit to check on Gray. At a fourth stop, the wagon picks up an additional prisoner.

Gray suffered a critical spinal injury at some point during his arrest and died a week later.

Baltimore police have completed their investigation into the death of Freddie Gray and turned over their findings to prosecutors — one day earlier than the department’s self- imposed deadline, the commissioner said Thursday morning.

Authorities have said the state’s attorney’s office will review the information, consider charges and decide how to move forward in the death of Gray, who was stopped by police April 12. He suffered spinal injuries while in custody and died a week later.

In his announcement at a news conference, Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts did not give details of the report or take questions. He said the department dedicated more than 30 detectives to working on the case and report.

“I understand the frustration; I understand the sense of urgency. … That is why we have finished it a day ahead of time,” Batts said.

Batts also said police would continue to work on the case at the direction of the state’s attorney.

At the same news conference, Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis reviewed the timeline of Gray’s time in custody and his death. Gray was arrested after he made eye contact with officers and ran. After a chase, officers pinned him down and handcuffed him. They loaded him into a van and put leg cuffs on him when officers said he became “irate” in the wagon.

Davis said Thursday that police discovered a new stop the van made with Gray in it, but they did not say what happened.

Gray was eventually taken to a hospital. He died a week later.

On Wednesday, rumors circulated that some kind of “verdict” will be rendered when police handed their report to prosecutors. But Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and other officials worked to dispel that notion.

“It became very clear … that people misunderstood,” Rawlings-Blake said.

Hassan Murphy, a lawyer for Gray’s family, underscored their comments, saying, “This family wants justice and they want justice that comes at the right time and not too soon.”

Said Rawlings-Blake: “Whatever time the state’s attorney’s office needs to make that determination, the family wants to get it right.”

In widespread protests Wednesday night — not only in Baltimore, but in several cities including Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. — it was clear that tensions over the case are far from subsiding.

While the demonstrations were mostly peaceful, police made numerous arrests, including 16 in Baltimore and at least 60 in New York.

Gray’s death was the latest in a series of high-profile cases around the country in which black men have died as the result of encounters with police.

Similar protests have erupted over the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York last year, and the death earlier this month in South Carolina of Walter Scott. Scott was fatally shot in the back by a white police officer who has since been charged with murder.

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6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Baltimore Police Hand Report on Gray Death to Prosecutor; New Van Stop Revealed

  1. This injured in the vain crap is to get the police off. His back is obviously damaged when the are picking him up from the side walk where the had their knees in his back and his legs bent like a pretzel.

  2. The proper response during the investigation, riot, burn buildings of local businesses, damage public property, throw rocks at police officers …….and hope that you were justified in your response, now I get it!……….. not!.

  3. Uncle G on said:

    Ok, Black people. Get ready for “the biggest lie ever told” This article mentions a “new van stop” for the police van that carried a “shackled” Freddie Gray. The “additional” stop is where the police pick up a prisoner and place him into the van with Fred Gray. The police report is going to say that the other prisoner “witnessed Freddy Gray intentionally injure himself” Really”” Severely sever his own spine while shackled in cuffs?? The police commissioner brags that he has 30 officers investigating this case. Do we really trust when the police “investigate themselves??”—-Really?? And do we trust the Attorney General to be fair and impartial to Black people??” NO WE DON’T!!” So, just get ready for more lies and outrage. These police and the Attorney General are going to let a lot of time go by before they announce their investigation findings into Freddie Gray’s murder. I guarantee you, no police will be held accountable!”

  4. rainman6911 on said:

    My thoughts as a white man from Baltimore.I grew up there and have been arrested a couple of times for minor crimes(traffic). I have been arrested by both white and black police officers.On one of the occasions I was beat by a white officer.Realistically, I figured I deserved it for running my mouth.Legally, he violated my rights. All the other white officers were somewhat proffessional(in their actions).They were however very unprofessional in their attitude.I can’t say if they are racist to black people because I’m not black.From my personal experience with Baltimore police,I don’t find it hard to believe that they stopped the van and beat Mr.Gray.I know from personal experience with the Baltimore police that that type of behavior goes on.

  5. DeStroyerered Jets Awayerness on said:

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    • DeStroyerered Jets Awayerness on said:

      Gently enscribe The Ordinances & Statutes on a Rock this is ThOse LandMarks Whitiyeiyieys…lo…lol

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