CNN’s Wolf Blitzer wanted to focus his interview with activist, DeRay McKesson, on the violence against police in Baltimore. But it was clear DeRay McKesson wasn’t having it. “You’re suggesting broken windows are worse than broken spines,” McKesson shot back in response to Blitzer’s commentary on the “violent riots.”

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We had the privilege of speaking to DeRay McKesson about his CNN interview and what he calls the “uprising” of Baltimore on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

McKesson’s activism started in Ferguson, but doesn’t end in Baltimore. ” There’s a Mike Brown in every town and it’s now in Baltimore, my hometown,” he said.

Listen to the audio player to hear McKesson discuss how he got involved in protests, the disparities in white media’s coverage and our broken justice system in this exclusive interview.

Check out DeRay’s CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer below.

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One thought on “DeRay McKesson: “America Has Criminalized Blackness” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. sprtman on said:

    Blacks are the problem. Can’t get them off drugs, can’t make them work, they literally spend their time just like a Monkey around a mud hole in Africa.

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