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NeNe Leakes is making it known that any of her fellow “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars who aren’t married need to be gone from the hit reality show.

So says the queen of the throne.

During an appearance on “Live! With Kelly and Michael,” Leakes commented on Sunday’s “RHOA” reunion episode while stating that the other Housewives “are mad, honey.”

“They’re out there attacking Miss NeNe Leakes,” she said while giving her take on why everyone is mad at her.

“I’m a threat. I am a threat and they are mad.”

As for whether the current Housewives are jealous in light of her being the only original cast member left, Leakes summed it up for Michael Strahan, saying , “Well, of course.”

“Everybody wants to knock the queen off her throne, but she’s not going anywhere.”

With all the internal drama going on, queries about Leakes being signed for the next season of “RHOA” came up from Robin Roberts.

“Well I didn’t say that. While I can’t say that yet, but you know what? I would be there if some people left. They need to get rid of some folks.” Leakes responded while telling Strahan exactly who needs to go.

“Everybody that ain’t married. The show IS called Housewives, isn’t it? So you need to be married to be on the show.”

“Listen, I think that over the years the show has become very negative and there has been some people thrown in the mix that come negative and made the show negative so I think they should recast,” she continued. “I don’t mind if there’s one girl, maybe two girls, that aren’t married because it’s always great to see a single girl like dating and all that kind of stuff. But to have as many girls as we have on our show that aren’t married. I think we need to get rid of a couple.”

Shifting gears, Leakes spoke on her renewed friendship with Phaedra Parks. Leakes mentioned that despite being there for Parks she still caught heat from “some people” who “got mad about it.

“We won’t call out no names. Some people were mad because I was there for Phaedra but I don’t see anything wrong with that. She was going through a rough time. I know what it feels like to go through a divorce,” said Leakes.

After seeing promos of her breaking down and getting emotional on the next two reunion episodes, Leakes stated that her interaction Dr. Jeff will come, “Not this coming Sunday but the last part of it.

“Dr. Jeff will come on and we’re going to do a little bit of a therapy session,” she told Roberts and Michael Strahan.

Leakes goes on to detail why she left during the session.

“I tell him that I thought he did the session wrong.” She says that it’s how she felt at that time and she felt he should know it. She can’t give too much away but says that she felt he was wrong for putting her in a position where the others were bashing one person,” she shared. “I feel like some of the girls in the situation were acting like they were victims. There’s been things in my past. I’ve been in an abusive relationship, I wasn’t raised by my mother. I’ve been through a lot of things and I felt that those girls were using those things to play victim.”

“I never use that, I never come out and say that my mom didn’t raise me,” Leakes continued. So, as I tried to tell him (Dr. Jeff) that, I broke down. And I didn’t want to be vulnerable in front of people who don’t like me. So I was breaking down.”

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(Photo/Video: Live! With Kelly and Michael Screenshot)

37 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Wants Unmarried ‘RHOA’ Stars Fired (Watch)

  1. Nene is a joke and perpetual hater. . She is not a housewife, by definition’ either. If she wants to keep it so ‘real’…Greg on the other hand is the real housewife in their relationship.

    She exemplifies the fact that money cant buy class.

  2. NeNe is the one threatened. What is wrong with her? She’s so despicable. Is it because her so-called fame is diminishing and ppl are calling her out on being the Queen of mean? I actually fast forwarded the show each time NeNe’s segment aired. And, while some of the others are no better, she disgusts me the most.

  3. Nene should be called out on her Phony divorce from Greg. That was simply to give her a new story line and the opportunity to have a big wedding like Kim had. They never really got their “supposed” reason for divorcing together.

  4. No Nene you are not a threat,Claudia and Kenya are threats to you cause they are way classy and more beautiful than you unlike other ones that are scared of what you will say to them. I am dissaopinted in Phaedra who is well read and allowed herself to be thrown around by Nene. Cynthia started having problems with her cause she speaks up now.Financially, Kandiss is your boss. So you should leave cause the single ones are not ready to worship you like your other zombies.

  5. I am always bored with her low class self…. She should be the one to go, very arrogant and thinks she is above everyone. Don’t really blame her cause she never thought she could be this little famous.(thanks to RHWOA).

  6. I am always bored with her low class self…. She should be the one to go, very arrogant and thinks she is above everyone. Don’t reall blame her cause she never thought she could this little famous.(thanks to RHWOA).

  7. I agree with NeNe, My husband and I were just having the same conversation on Sunday night. It is the Real ” housewives” of Atlanta. I feel as though they should be married. NeNe separated from her husband but they reunited, there is a difference. Housewives, not single desperate women looking for romance (not love) and causing drama. If that is the case, then they need a show called, Atlanta’s Singles (it could be male and female) in Search for love (and drama!)

  8. Guest1 on said:

    She (NeNe) wants to be so prim and proper, but didn’t anyone tell her that she butchered the english language in her interview. She’s the one that should be called Fakedra, and I also agree, no one in Hollywood considers her a serious actress.

  9. NiKki-T on said:

    I have always felt this show for “REAL” housewives and maybe one or two single ladies who are actually dating to be married.

    • NiKki-T on said:

      CORRECTION: I have always felt this show should be for “REAL” housewives and maybe one or two single ladies who are dating to be married.

  10. psnthersdec on said:

    Wasn’t she divorced from Ewak from Star Wars, I mean Greg and now that had a fake second wedding she wants everyone who is not married to leave. Mr. Ed, please go back to the barn and eat some hay. I saw those ugly clothes that was on clearance 3 days later. You don’t even wear that cheap mess. Anyone who thinks you are a fashion queen must have been dranking.

  11. keepnitreal on said:

    I am and will ALWAYS BE A NENE FAN!!! All of the Nene haters, think about where she was and how far she has come. Do you think her life experiences were accidental? She went through what she went through what she wen through for a reason. I want her to leave that stupid show RHOA and become the New Fashion Queen on the Late Joan Rivers Show. Nene, don’t allow them to continue to try to destroy your character.

  12. keepnitreal on said:

    Eve, I am bored with you. I can’t believe that folks can find a voice to hate on Nene. Kenya and that Claudia hang together because they think they are the pretty girls. Please Nene has Portia the prettiest one on the show. She was robbed of her Peach, so that the idiot could have it. Nene can feel however she wants to feel about herself, why is that any of the JEALOUS Kandi business

  13. keepnitreal on said:

    Nene is what this show needs. Kay I am giving you a STANDING OVATION!! Kandi is mad cause the world see how DUMB she really is. Her desperate behind was going to marry Todd even if he used that pre-nup to wipe his behind. She is hating Nene cause she is JEALOUS.

  14. I’ve always wonder why there’s so many singles on any of the television franchises titled “Wives”. Kenya and Claudia are sickening. There’s definitely a problem because neither one are in a stable relationship. Kenya is always flaunting around how beautiful she is but why can’t she keep a man. Hmmmm!!! I don’t understand why Claudia is so worried about how Porsha gets everything. Why does it bother her? Is she upset because she’s not a good business woman? LOL! However Porsha is getting all her worldly possessions is her business. Cynthia is dumb as “I don’t know what” and going out of her way with the drama to stay relevant on the show. She is just so fake this last season. Kandi should concentrate on her marriage and quit the show. Despite what she says, I always thought she brought the drama because she rode with Kim from day one just to go against NeNe. That’s why Kim used her because she knew Kandi was desperate just to aggravate NeNe. I seriously think Kandi is jealous of NeNe because of her fame. When NeNe loses one job another door opens for her. I think NeNe is too extra at times because she’s not use to fame or actually OWNING material things. Kandi’s talking about Pheadra having a relationship with NeNe after their disagreements but she’s all in Cynthia and Peter’s face after that big fight at the pajama party. She was ready to fight Cynthia’s sister, too. Also, Kandi had disagreements with Cynthia and Peter involving Todd. Kandi’s always acting like she’s so mature and not a part of the nonsense but she is. Kandi’s daughter, Riley, has more sense than her. Riley seems like she should be the mother.

    • psnthersdec on said:

      Please Kandi’s ole money can run several rings around Mr. Ed, Nene new money. Kandi was right on point when she told her she was wrong to think everyone is attacking her because when she came on the show Mr. Ed, Nene came at her, Kandi was also right when she told her as well that Mr. Ed, Nene is always saying that she has been there the longest s if she is marking her terriotory. That is when she left the session because Kandi is not afraid of her, She also told Fakedra to be careful because when she gets mad at her she is gonna throw up in her face how many times she called her when Apollo went to jail, Naw honey, Kandi is not jealous of Mr. Ed, Nene she just has her number, There is a difference. It is okay to be a fan of someone but it is a fool to be sucked into them as if they don’t/can’t do any wrong and if anyone criticize or check them they are jealous.

  15. Coley Cole on said:

    If nene is so unhappy, then she should just leave the show. She knows that if she leaves, she’ll fall flat on her face. Hollywood doesn’t consider her a real actress

  16. Nene is trying to throw stones to get Kenya Claudia and unmarried girls off the show. why. So we can watch Greg the Butler carry her bags all season. She’s full of herself and needs to leave herself. Bully.

  17. sched1 on said:

    Why didn’t she want Phakedra gone and Kandi just got married after how many seasons? Kim wasn’t married either. You can’t want rules for some and not the others.

  18. Well I’ve always been team Ne Ne, and NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY IF YOUR NOT A WIFE YOUR ON BASKETBALL WIVES? ANY OF THE HOUSEWIFE FRANCHAISES????? never did get it nor like it, whats your purpose if only one or two are married and everybody else is just fuckn around????

  19. nene should leave she is mad that claudia and kenya cynthia and kindi want let her run over them. nene lies all the time. she hates that claudia and kenya are beautiful women and she is not .nene hope you fall off the high horse, and bravo should not let you tell them what to hene please shout up .

  20. Nene is very envious of Kenya and Claudia’s beauty. She is resentful of the ladies because she can not intimidate them. Nene claims to be the queen. However Per Nene, when Kenya and Claudia came on the show she became the victim. She made nasty comments about Kenya and Claudia. but she never brags on her pass life as a stripper and thief. I think Nene should be written off the show. I am bored with her

    • keepnitreal on said:

      Why would Nene be jealous of Kenya and Claudia? Kenya is a fake wanna be (everything she is not) and Claudia, well you don’t have to be remote smart to know that she is doing everything in her power to be relevant. She is so fake, bringing her mother and her nasty mouth grandmother on the show to act like she had a sad childhood, please Claudia, even you knew that wouldn’t work. Cause no one cared. Nene,,

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