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Rappers T.I. and Kap G say they’re fed up with what they call police targeting, profiling and killing black men and they’re doing something about it.

That something comes in the form of a rap song called “La Policia.”

The song is a remix from the same song Kap G and David Banner released two years ago after he said he got pulled over.

First Kap G and then T.I.:

Kap G – “The reason I wrote this song was I got profiled.  Me being Mexican American. The whole situation.  It was 2 years ago. I got pulled over and basically the situation was just unfair.  They just wanted to check my car, asking for my I.D. They thought I was illegal. And yeah it was just unfair.

T.I. –  “I think that there’s been a bloody disregard in all underserved areas of society when it comes to interactions with law enforcement.  I think that there’s a resentment, a undeniable fear that law enforcement has for minorities and it is reflected in their actions.”

The remix was updated to include references to Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The lyrics are explicit with phrases like F the police.

“Catch me on the southside, and I’m riding with my top down.  First they got Mike Brown.  I’m bustin’ back like PAC now! Migo with an attitude, I’m screaming f—k the cops now.  My partner doing ten like the BET countdown. I can’t believe it’s no peace.  I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! Eric Garner see your honor, They can’t believe you let ‘em leave, he free. F—k the police.”

T.I. explained their reasons for the explicit lyrics last night to me on CNN Tonight.

T.I. – “Of course that leads to angry lyrics because our music historically has been a reflection of our circumstances. So if you don’t like our lyrics you must then change the circumstances that inspired them.”

New York City’s Police Commissioner sat down with me yesterday and told me that kind of language and some of the language he heard during the protests in New York and Ferguson is dangerous.

Bratton –  “When you have demonstrators that are marching down the streets chanting ‘what do we want? Dead cops’ I’m sorry that’s gone too far.”

Here’s T.I.’s response:

T.I. –  “I agree completely with the commissioner. I’m not; we’re not calling for the death of anyone.  We’re calling for the death of our people to end. And I believe just that there are government funded task forces for other crime syndicate units, whether it was the mafia, whether it was terrorists, whether it was the hip hop cops, I believe these police officers who hide behind their badges and abuse their authority they deserve just as much attention and the federal government and other people who can put some regulation to their actions.”

At the end of the song T.I. makes of point that he is not talking about all cops because there are some good ones out there.

My question to you is will the song, with those lyrics, help or hurt the cause?

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