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Now this is how you make the First Lady’s day.

It happened Wednesday at the White House during the annual “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” event when a young lady by the name of Anaya Brodie asked Michelle Obama her age.

FLOTUS replied, “I’m 51.”

Miss Brodie yelled back, “You look too young!”

Michelle Obama, who celebrated her birthday in January, asked the little girl to say it again, but into the microphone.

“You’re too young for a 51-year-old!” Brodie repeated.

Mrs. Obama’s face lit up, and she invited the girl up to the stage for a giant hug.

If you’re wondering about the event, the children who took part in the event included the offspring of Executive Office of the President employees, as well as kids from the local Boys and Girls Club and from D.C. Child and Family Services.

Oh yeah, Miss Anaya Brodie is 100 percent correct. Mrs. Obama definitely looks a lot younger.  Future first ladies are gonna have some big shoes to fill. Michelle Obama has changed the game.


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