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Tamika Fuller is not giving up the battle for her daughter as she tries to win custody back from Ludacris.

After losing custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Cai Bridges, Tamika filed a motion for another trial that was shot down last week. She has since released a statement to Madame Noire about how she felt the legal system steam rolled her in favor of giving the baby to Luda even though Tamika claims he’d never met the little girl before their child support battle turned into a war for custody.

She told Madame Noire:

I felt powerless against her father’s machine. My side had not been shared up until this point and rumors that I was a bad mother or receiving 7k/month child support or asking for 15k were distressing me, none of which are factual.

Tamika shared that she has gone back to working a full-time job, but she still needed a little help covering her legal fees. That’s why she started a GoFundMe Campaign called Bring Tink Home.

Tamika’s supporters have shelled out about $900 since last month, but she believes that she’s found a way to put the money to good use as she strives to help moms like her.

I plan to use donation money to start setting up my non-profit “No Mother Left Behind” with a mission to educate, enrich, enlighten and empower low-income mothers and also to help bring my own daughter back.


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2 thoughts on “Ludacris’ Baby’s Mother Tamika Fuller Denied New Custody Trial & Starts No Mother Left Behind

  1. Yes, those fathers, fatherng 10-15-20 children by differnt baby mommas, like the diner on Iyanla’s show are doing fist pumps right now…so are all the negros contributing to the 70% out of wedlock rate in the black community…wow, we can all rest easy! My tax dollars are safe!!!! 😁

  2. what would you do? on said:

    Finally a woman gets a feel what many fathers go through who really want to be involved in their children lives (not in a vindictive way).

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