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Democrats can finally exhale.

Minutes after Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for President of the United States in 2016, she immediately became the Democratic front-runner for the White House.

From First Lady in the White House, to U.S. Senator, to presidential candidate in 2008, to Secretary of State, Clinton is certainly battle-tested but doesn’t appear to be battle-weary.

“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top,” Clinton, a new grandmother, says in her video Sunday announcing her second historic presidential bid.

“Every day Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion,” Clinton said. “You can do more than just get by, you can get ahead and stay ahead because when families are strong, Americans are strong.”

“So I’m hitting the road to earn your vote because it’s your time and I hope you’ll join me on this journey,” Clinton said in her video.

As Clinton, 67, prepares to hit the campaign trail Tuesday, one critical question reverberates through the Black community: Will African-Americans turn out enthusiastically for Clinton the way Black folks rallied in huge numbers around Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012?

In the 2012 election, 95 percent of black voters cast a ballot for Obama, significantly contributing to his re-election. Only time will tell if Black voters can mobilize with the same level of excitement around Clinton’s historic candidacy, but her campaign is already hiring key African-American political strategists and advisors in Clinton’s New York and regional offices in an effort to court Black voters and shore up Black support across the country.

The campaign is getting a head start by bringing African-Americans into the campaign early. That should  silence any critics who would criticize Clinton for not hiring Black strategists.

Among Clinton’s African-American advisors are Karen Finney as Strategic Communications Adviser and Senior Spokesperson, Oren Shur as Director of Paid Media; Brynne Craig may serve as deputy national political director, Tyrone Gayle will head up one of Clinton’s regional press desks, Bernard Coleman will likely become the Clinton campaign’s director of Human Resources and Tracey Lewis, who was a Field Director for Clinton’s primary win in New Hampshire, will serve as primary states director; and Quentin James is the Black Americans director for “Ready for Hillary.”

In his new role, Quentin will mobilize leaders in the Black community around Clinton’s candidacy.

“I’m very excited to join Ready for Hillary and the amazing team they have assembled,” he said on the website. “Across the country, there is a tremendous amount of grassroots support in the Black community for a Hillary run for the White House, and Ready for Hillary is the place to gather and build upon that support.”

All of these aides boast a wide range of experiences in Democratic politics. Finney, for example, served as Deputy Press Secretary to Clinton when she was First Lady, after working on Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Finney was a traveling press secretary on Hillary Clinton’s 2000 senate campaign and Communications Director at the Democratic National Committee from 2005-2009.

Are African American strategists already having an early impact on Clinton’s thinking? On Sunday, Clinton tweeted: “Praying for #WalterScott‘s family. Heartbreaking & too familiar. We can do better – rebuild trust, reform justice system, respect all lives.”

Walter Scott, 50, was shot and killed on April 4 by a white police officer Michael Slager, in North Charleston, South Carolina. Slager, 33, has been fired and charged with murder. Slager said he ‘feared for his life’ but a video shows Slager chasing Scott and shooting him five times in the back.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s African-American strategists will undoubtedly work to rally the faithful who would like to see Clinton make history as America’s first woman President. But they will also work to court those Black voters who are still angry over Bill Clinton’s incendiary remarks during the 2008 presidential election where he characterized Obama’s candidacy as “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

Bill Clinton later explained that his remarks were directed only at Obama’s views on war, not about his overall bid for the White House. But Clinton’s remarks caused a national firestorm – and a split – in the Black community with many black voters shifting their allegiance to Obama.

The Clinton campaign even urged prominent African-American supporters to speak out on their behalf and remind the public of the long Clinton record of working for civil rights and social justice.

Today, there are some African-American voters who have still not forgiven Bill Clinton for his remarks because many feel Clinton was intentionally disrespectful to Obama because he’s Black.

William Murrain, an Atlanta attorney and a former civil rights lawyer, said Hillary Clinton must discuss political and social concerns expressed by African-Americans, like the Walter Scott shooting and the troubling pattern of Black men being killed by police at an alarming rate.

“If Hillary Clinton takes the Black vote for granted, she will lose,” Murrain said.

In Clinton’s video announcement, she positioned herself as an alternative to the Republican field expected to include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

On the Democratic side, there are several potential Democrats who could challenge Clinton, although none of them are expected to give her much of a fight. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, former Virginia senator Jim Webb, and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders are three politicians that pundits say are interested in running for president.

Clinton is a formidable woman, a polarizing personality, and a dynamic candidate who could very well become the first female President of the United States. It won’t be an easy path to the White House for Clinton and she will certainly need unwavering support from Black voters to make history.

What do you think?

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49 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Declares Candidacy: Will Black Voters Help Her White House Bid?

  1. Thank you for any other informative site. Where else could I
    get that kind of information written in such a perfect manner?
    I’ve a project that I’m just now working on, and I have been on the
    look out for such info.

  2. Robert*–You cannot speak for all African-Americans being Democrats.
    I gave up my Dem card years ago and chose to be an Independent (Socialist).
    In addition, I don’t vote based on one’s complexion-but rather what their agenda is about and how it will or will not effect me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gaywrites*—Excuse me but I am entitled to my own opinion just as you are entitled to yours.
    FYI-no where in my comment did I mention the President-Barack H. Obama so why are you?

    No politician lives up to all of the hollow promises they make while campaigning and folks who believe them are simply being delusional.

    • Gaywrites on said:

      No Linda you are the one who’d mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Clinton’s absence from the march at Selma. You were trying to throw salt. But I am only angry. I am angry that when I watch shows, for example, about WW2 and the Nazi insurgency on television everyday how closely the description is in comparison to my actual life in 2015. Laws do not enforce themselves and the interpretation of such laws should not be only for the rich, famous, or powerful! I mean that there is a huge difference in EVERYONE’s (keyword) quality of life be it for the better or worse when Bill Clinton was in office compared to how things are since. Correct? I would like to have a life too!

      But back to your ridiculous comment. GWB is reason enough for any respectable person in favor of life to stay away from any event he or his constituents would be attending yet alone to be there with him. Why pretend even if for example? GWB refused to meet with the NAACP the entirety of both of his terms, repealing Affirmative Action had been one of the first things on his “to-do” lists by appearance, and when thousands of people miraculously survived the flood after hurricane Katrina head devil in charge refused to airlift water to the Superdome stadium so thousands more former tax payers perished. Now we are to believe that this same mfer is sympathetic to the civil rights struggle because Hillary Clinton hadn’t been in attendance during their show of humanitarianism!? Where is the logic?

      You ever wonder why seemingly the entire Arab Muslim community would be mad at “us?” Make sense please. “We” don’t respect the people in our own country. When Mr. Clinton left the White House he’d left over 999 million dollars to the next president. GWB failed to locate Bin Laden and in hindsight had arguably been the worst president in United States history! Barak Obama follows closely in at #2! How much money had either of these two oppressors managed to bank? Stop fronting. GWB’s main concerns were other white men and Barak just wants to be president. Those are the only transparent facts!!!

  4. Timekeeeper on said:

    Wow! Judging from some of these posts, this is bound to be the most vicious, vile, mean spirited 18 months ahead in the history of this country. If this is the sample after only Hillary’s announcement less than 24 hours ago, we are going to see the most tasteless, no holds barred down in the gutter, racist ( and when I say racist I don’t mean white and black racism’ rather the racism against black people back biting each other!
    People feel free to hide behind an anonymous name to speak out of the left side of their mouths to say everything and anything against someone with a different perspective.
    Decorum, will simply be thrown out of the window. I imagine a few will look back at the statements they have made and wont even be able to admit that they could say something like that. Whether you think well of Hillary Clinton or not the comments surpass any level of decency whatsoever. My God what the next year and a half is going to bring. When it is all said and one in November of 2016 will we be able to recover from the brutalization of one another? I Wonder

    • hillary is only getting what she dished out … and garbage spews from her lying mouth. She has blood on her hands from Bengazi, she set up a private server inside her home to hide her evil doings from the American public ( far worse than what Nixon EVER did ) , she has received millions of dollars from the most corrupt and anti women regimes in the world all the while hiding those “donations” to her and bill in her phony organization ( no telling what the quid pro quo was for those ‘gifts )
      Lastly she trashed and destroyed countless women whoa had the unfortunate luck of having affairs with her husband.

      • Timekeeeper on said:


        Thank you for helping me in substantiating my point of view. It is exactly those kinds of unbridled verbal assaults I am referring to

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      You are ( and always help me to prove my point. Albeit inadvertently, your accusations, and more importantly; the way in which you describe her is what I am talking about. My initial point has less to do with Hillary, and more in how we simply treat each other on this site. In your enraged desire to bash Ms. Clinton, that point went completely over your head. All you can see is the hate and venom in your own words. There is a much larger picture in simply how people take down each other, which obviously means nothing to you.

      • Perhaps you should read and follow your own advice as you have attacked me in your own passive aggressive style. Secondly, you attack others for stating facts about a woman who is unfit to be President.

    • Timekeeeper on said:

      Yes, I have scolded you for using hateful and racist rhetoric. You shouldn’t do that, even when attempting to prove your point. However, if you feel that strongly, then you win go on ahead and continue being as racist and hateful as you like.

  5. I am going to vomit if our choice is between another clinton and a bush. We need to end their runs at the White House. Hillary is a lying sack of garbage and bush is no better.

  6. What I would truly love to see is the folks that complain and call folks names and state what should be done run for office. If anyone thinks they know what is right for every single person, please run and I will vote for you and see how long you last with your so-called plan for all.

  7. Frances Hunt on said:

    As an African American Democrat who has voted across party lines in some local, state, and federal elections over the years, it looks like I will be voting that way in the 2016 elections. Bill talked out of both sides and top and bottom of his mouth while president and I think he has talk Mrs. C. well. I wish her well in her campaigning, but I think Bill will be her downfall just as her was in 2008.

  8. Don’t know what HRC campaign platform looks like yet, so I’ll reserve judgement..I would like to see other challengers in the democratic ring..Martn O’ Malley, former mayor of Baltimore and Govenor of Maryland may be the one to watch as well, as I believe he is a strong contender….however we need other democrats in the ring…its a long way to 2016 and if HRC numbers begin to drop or falter, which they did during her first run against Obama, it could spell trouble for the democrats…so for now, I want to see other democratic challengrs too.

  9. Linda on said:

    I don’t know about anyone else of color but I have no INTENTION OF VOTING FOR Hillary R Clinton!
    Unlike some folks, I still remember the ugly campaign she ran against her fellow candidate, Barack H Obama and the fact that even though she knew she would not get the Democratic nomination-she still remained in the race until the last minute.

    In addition, when have we ever seen her at any major African-American incidents or events.
    Her and her husband were absent from the recent March on Selma.

    Hill is a silver-spoon fed b—h who has nothing in common with the working class-only those with deep pockets like her and Bill.

    I hope there will be someone else in the Democratic or even Independent party that will step up to the plate and challange her ass-since she seems to think that she is ENTITLED to the White House!!!!!

    • Gaywrites on said:

      Well, Linda, your just crazy. Barak Obama has done absolutely NOTHING for African Americans as a whole and even less for poor people in general! As a matter of fact I’d say he has done the exact opposite by example. Do you hate your own people this much or is it something entirely different that would make someone throw salt on this woman? Folk are a trip, that would be like another black person shooting MLK jr or something, no wait. I knew some dumb a*s would bring the Selma march up as some way to use reverse psychology on us to lead us to believe that Mrs. Clinton would rather have done something else. however when I put myself in Mrs. Clinton’s shoes I can think of at least two real reasons for her not to be in attendance knowing her history: Barak Obama and George W. Bush! Why the f’ would she want to participate in some stupid march with her political enemies? Make sense! Barak Obama insisted that Joe Biden would be a better candidate for the democratic nomination and George Bush had just publically attacked her on national television endorsing his brother Jebb for the same position. But that’s not all. How many folks like me are angry every time we see a photograph of GWB and Bill Clinton together wondering to ourselves why!!!? George Bush did all that he could to make sure that our world looked like a crime scene in Ferguson, MO all day and Barak Obama has done his best to turn the other cheek. All at the expense of the “invisible man.” Now people are so desensitized to our “plight” that like a caged rat you begin to eat each other. Wake the hell up people and quit being selfish and understand the difference between “right and wrong” ok!? Clearly Hillary is our best option!!!! Don’t hate progress hate oppression.

      • @Gaywrites
        I am sure you are aware that President Obama is just like ALL his predecessors before him: he has no power! He has a FEW executive powers that he can use, but he does not have the REAL power, as that has ALWAYS belonged to Congress.
        Congress has always had the power and they ALWAYS will. (Unless Congress votes themselves out of power, then they will ALWAYS have it.)
        I say that only because you stated “Barack Obama has done absolutely NOTHING for African Americans as a whole and even less for poor people in general!”
        Until people become excited about the congressional campaigns, then it really will not matter much about whom holds the seat as president of these divided states.

    • @Linda, that comment that Bill made during the 2008 campaign is indeed unforgettable! (SMH) However, I honestly think people either have forgotten or have decided to allow it to slide. I am not sure. But some of us will NEVER forget it.
      Nonetheless, I still must wait to see the other contenders.

  10. her husband a figure head lol lol at what f his intern Monica???????and complaining?????wow what ashamed no wonder whites say what they do about dumb ass blacks. Democrats vote for hill dog catcher Rand Paul 2016 .

    • Robert,
      I hope you have been following the likes of Senator Rand Paul and even more so, I hope you continue to do your homework, as he changes his mind every time he is on television. Rand changes his mind at even given moment but of course, a wise man is prone to change his mind but is ONLY wise when he proves he has learned something by changing his mind. Rand’s issues change depending [on] if he is talking to a reporter on Fox News or a reporter on MSNBC. If you have been paying attention, Rand Paul is VERY similar to Mitt Romney, as Romney did the EXACT SAME thing during his presidential campaign.

      About a year ago, Rand Paul told Rachel Maddow that the Civil Rights march was unnecessary and he did not believe in segregation. He spent the majority of the interview dodging Maddow’s questions when she questioned him about how he felt about Blacks. (I must say, he tried REALLY hard to defend himself.) He must have felt REALLY bad after that butt woopin’ because days later, he turned around and attended a Black conference where he had the nerve to tell those Blacks in attendance about THEIR history. He has been labeled “kooky” and perhaps he is but to tell those elder educated Blacks about themselves took a LOT of chutzpah. Many walked out.
      Oh and remember that Ron Paul is Rand’s dad and dear old dad certainly did NOT deny those racist newsletters.
      You may like Rand Paul because he has teamed up with Corey Booker for the REDEEM Act, but I am sure you are aware that the House (as well as the Senate) is Republican-controlled, sooo. Well, good luck with that one and the Grand Old Party.

      All of us are aware that politicians will say anything to garner our vote, but at least pretend that you like me. Until politicians such as Rand Paul learn how to conceal his lies a little better, then there is no way in the world would I ever consider voting for him.

      Robert, most importantly, with all your excitement about Rand Paul, please have this much enthusiasm during the congressional campaigns because untied states presidents NEVER have as much power as they do in Congress.

  11. Rand Paul 2016 to get the job for all Americans not just a few on one is special when it comes to making jobs for people but for all the people. And not lie about it .someone we all can trust .bring faith back in America again.

    • @Robert, if this is the case; let’s load all of those jackasses up (politicians) and lock them all up. I think every last one of them is crooked in one way or another. 99% of the time each citizen is voting for the lesser of two evils.

  12. broom Hilda is using the blacks just for votes before bill was governor of Arkansas he and hill were republicans just for votes. But if you want be her slaves so be it but Paul is the better man 2016 and Chelsea Clinton isn’t even bill child. Now why do you think she posted blacks votes for broke hill. She need to be in the big house not the white house.

    • lol lol blacks have no idea what or who to vote for. you blacks vote just because there democrats. tHats so sad .because you losing out a lot and getting nothing in return. But your letting those democrats use you .lies lies.

  13. What do republiklans have to offer ppl. The same old tired crap of tax breaks for the rich and more wars. U betcha !! I’m not black or a democrat. I’m a independent

    • Flakes on said:

      Candace over the last 7 years the rich have just gotten richer and more of the middle class have joined the poor. I am voting libritarian this time around. At least I can agree with the live and let live the libritarians stand for.

  14. Reallife on said:

    Of course blacks are going to vote for Hilary. She’s a Democrat, and y’all are slaves on that plantation. Never mind the fact she’s a criminal and a traitor. But black folks ain’t worried about all that.

    • @Reallife every last one of those jackasses (politicians and lawyers too) are crooks. There is no need to single anyone out. The crap they all pull off with politics coming from their lips would get your ass jailed along with the rest of the world. So stop acting like this is one-sided. I vote for the lesser evil, which often times turns out to be the exact same evil I tried to avoid.

    • Candace one thing I have found. With all of the immigrants coming in and hill will let it be know that they will come first .backs will be nothing but third class citizens .hill doesn’t give a hooters dam about you she know you all are democrats she will cheat lie and steal for your votes.yu blacks only vote democrats and that’s sad just to vote because there democrats .she’s your slave master. And your all are falling for it Paul 2016 he’s a good man and will get the job done .I cant wait till the debates Paul will make hill cry with all of the dirt he has on her.

    • lol lol im so glad the immigration’s are coming maybe you’ll wished you eve heard the word broom hill you will so far below the food chain she wont even know your there so how those jobs Obama said that he would have to offer????wow they must have left without notice. Her plat form is going to be the same old ass lies as Obama’s .nothing new .

    • so Candace you make members of you family vote just because a democrat is running ????lol lol your sad that you said you would make your family vote for broom Hilda Paul 2016 is a good man he make hill cry with the dirt he has on her lol lol .

    • cam1cycle2 on said:

      Correction— She ran Bills brothel for 8 straight years and still couldn’t keep the dirty secrets from coming out. Its time we have a black woman for president. Bring me Mia Love from Utah. I’ll vote for her any day of the week.

      • @ Correction, I have said for many, many years that has been and always will be the brains in that relationship and if it were not for her Bill never would have been president or even a senator. I don’t care what skin color of the president is as long as he or she has my views and the best interests of the middle-class and working poor at heart. I am tired of the rich and elite running this country and tell me what the hell I should do.

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