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Since news of South Carolina police officer Michael Slager fatal shooting of Walter Scott surfaced, social media and the general public is showing Slager anything but love.

The feelings about Slager have apparently extended to, which has rejected a campaign to raise money to support him. reports that although the effort was initially set up on GoFundMe, a statement released by the popular crowdfunding site confirmed it was not on board with supporting Slager at all.

“After review by our team, the campaign set up for Officer Slager was removed from GoFundMe due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions,” GoFundMe’s public relations manager Kelsea Little said.

As for specifics about what terms and conditions were breached, Little stated that GoFundMe could only discuss those details with the organizers.

Despite GoFundMe’s refusal to get behind the Slager fundraiser, campaign organizers managed to find a crowdfunding source that would help them. In a description that appeared on, organizers made their case for why Slager deserves the public’s support:

“We’re campaigning to show our Support for Officer Michael T. Slager! We believe in all of our LEOs and want to publicly support them! Although he may have made mis-steps in judgment he was protecting the community,” the description reads. “Michael is a former Coast Guardsman with two stepchildren and a wife who is expecting a child, served for more than five years with the department without being disciplined. Please help in any way you can. He has served five years with the department without being disciplined.”

The fundraising campaign is the latest development in the aftermath of Scott’s murder. Media sources report Slager was caught on video shooting and killing the 50-year-old unarmed Black man on Saturday (April 4) during a traffic stop. On Tuesday (April 7), Slager was arrested and charged with murder for the tragedy. He was ultimately fired from the police department in North Charleston, SC.

As it stands now, the IndieGoGo campaign hasn’t received much response as two people have funded the campaign with total contributions amounting to $60. Overall, organizers want to raise $5,000 in two months for the campaign.

If reaction on the effort’s corresponding Facebook page is any indication, that will be a big challenge.

“What kind of coward unloads a whole clip in a mans back and kills him? Now the rest of the cowards are trying to raise cash for his defense?? WOW!…..” Jeremy Gruenberg posted.

“This page is pathetic and a sad attempt at cashing in at a tragedy,” Marcus Utopis wrote.

Gruenberg’s and Utopis’ comments represent a slew of negative responses on social media to the Slager fundraiser. Nevertheless, the owner of the Slager campaign Facebook page encouraged supporters to contribute, posting, “Michael Slager deserves a competent defense no matter what the court of popular opinion says about his actions.”

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(Photo Source: AP)

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28 thoughts on “ Nixes Campaign for SC Police Officer Michael Slager

  1. CHARLES ROBERSON on said:


  2. CHARLES ROBERSON on said:


  3. What is really sad is that it has come to this that we have to video tape every single encounter to make sure that they (police) do their jobs the right way. I am very sorry that Mr. Scott lost his life and I think that the scum that did it will rot in hell and when he does go to federal prison they will finish him off.

  4. pac4me on said:

    Oh my God!!! – You say “he was protecting the community” – from an unarmed man who was running for his life???? – and then he lied about the whole thing – having bad judgement and doing wrong is two different things and so what he was a former Coast Guard with two children, Walter Scott was a former Coast Guard with four children. Where is your support for this man’s family

  5. If and this is a big IF he is found guilty. The Death Penalty is too easy and too good for him. He should be out in solitary confinement with his own thoughts for the rest of his life with no human contact ever. He should only be able to see daylight through a small and I mean very small crack in the wall. Drive him insane.

  6. Kocolate Avante on said:

    So glad the Racist Murdering Cop Slager was denied access to your funding. How dare him but what do you expect from a piece of “Crap” like him!!

  7. guest on said:

    That racist piece of shit should have thought of his family before he unloaded his gun in the back of Walter Scott.

  8. blackspeak on said:

    The NAACP and NAN are doing a terrible disservice to the black community by not informing them that there are cops in America who practice and promote the social material system of white supremacy. These cops see all blacks as the “Walking Dead” and they are more than ready, willing and able to kill them at the slightest provocation…And blacks need to be ever vigilant and be prepared to video tape all encountered with cops any and everywhere they see them occurring…

    • specialt757 on said:

      “These cops see all blacks as the “Walking Dead”…” As a black that’s part of all blacks what’s your advice as to how we should deal with them, you know besides video cameras? I believe the NAACP can attest to the “police state” we find ourselves in, it’s not new, just a new day. I don’t defend the NAACP, the truth is I never really hear anything about them anymore unless it’s to raise money for an event they sponsor. Are they really relevant to us anymore? Honestly, the police need to do a better job in interacting civilly with the communities they serve, not the opposite. In the eyes of the communities they are the enemies.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Hi Ms. Curly I do agree with the “gofundme” account for the victim’s family, but a little reluctant for the hero in this story. Not that I don’t think he deserves compensation (I w/o a doubt think he is a HERO), but it will send a message to others that (1) Instead of doing the right thing because it’s the right thing, I expect to be paid and (2) people may start creating situation when there is none just to get paid. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live in.

      • Ms Curly on said:

        I have to agree with you somewhat on that, I was a little caught up in the moment. However I was thinking that he may need some funds to relocate. I hope he is ok during all this. To think he has to live in fear for doing the right thing.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I agree Ms. Curly, he will need money to relocate. I was so hoping he would never reveal his identity just because it’s so many crazy, hate-filled individuals out here who may try to harm him.

  9. Firing squad. Quick, cheap and unfortunately, painless. If I were his wife, I’d be concerned about the genetic traits of a sociopathic degenerate being handed down to this devil’s spawn.

  10. Walter Scott is solely responsible for the predicament he put his family in. Hopefully he gets the death penalty to remove his miserable life from this world. His wife can get a job and provide for her family.

  11. Mary Conner on said:

    If the concern is for Slager’s family losing a husband, where is the concern for Walter Scott’s family losing a husband as well. The main problem with law enforcement is that police officers supporters seem to think only police families count. Did that officer think of their family before killing another family man?

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