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Kandi Burruss opened up to Essence about branding and being a businesswoman, but she’s about her married life as well, having celebrated her one-year anniversary with Todd Tucker.

She talked about having a brand on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the struggles with being about her business while on a reality show.

“Well, sometimes it does get kind of crazy because the show, they don’t care about your brand, they care about the show so you do have to always try to stay consistent about the things that you have going on during the time of taping,” she said.

She added, “For me, I always plan to have a lot of stuff going on throughout the year. That’s just my life. If they’re taping my life, then they are going to see some business happen because that’s what’s true to my life.”

Nevertheless, she had the opportunity to get away from “RHOA” and being a businesswoman when she took a trip to Paris, planned by Todd for their anniversary.

Do you think their relationship will stand the test of marriage in the spotlight?

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4 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss on Business, ‘RHOA’; Celebrates 1 Year of Marriage

  1. patricia williams on said:

    Kandi need to turn to the Bible and read what it says about marriage, they become as one. Kandi needs to be stronger and put her mother in her place. Why would you buy your mother another home close to yours after se let her boy toy destroy her home that she had just moved out of! You want to know why….she is jealous of her own daughter! I don’t think this marriage will last unless Kandi stops laughing at everything and get serious. Sex is not that marriage needs.

  2. I could have not said that any better! It is not only Kandi’s mother its candy as well!b Todd deserves better!!! I do not think Kandi is loyal to anyone but her mother!!!

  3. Lizzy on said:

    It a darn shame how stress over Mama Joyce’s evil ways cut Todd’s mother’s life short! She drove the poor lady to a massive stroke and I can only imagine the tension this must be causing in their already fragile relationship!

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