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PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) — A man and his seven children found dead in their Maryland home Monday were poisoned by carbon monoxide from a generator they were using after the power company cut off their electricity, a couple who identified themselves as the man’s mother and stepfather said.

Police found the bodies at the home in Princess Anne after being contacted by a concerned co-worker of the father, who had not been seen for days, Princess Anne police said in a news release.

They identified the deceased only as an adult and seven young people ages 6 to the teens. They said the cause of the deaths was still under investigation.

Bonnie and Lloyd Edwards, encountered outside the home by a reporter from The Associated Press, identified themselves as the mother and stepfather of Rodney Todd, 36, whom they identified as the adult who died. They said Todd had seven children, including five girls and two boys.

Bonnie Edwards identified the children as boys Cameron Todd, 13, and Zycheim Todd, 7; and girls Tynijuiza Todd, 15; Tykira Todd, 12; Tybree Todd, 10; Tyania Todd, 9; and Tybria Todd, 6.

Lloyd Edwards said police told them Todd had died. “It was disbelief,” he said. “It’s so hard. How can you understand something like that?”

Lloyd Edwards said Delmarva Power had cut off the electricity to the house because of an outstanding bill. Princess Anne Police Chief Scott Keller told the AP there was a generator in the kitchen that was out of gasoline.

Matt Likovich, a spokesman for Delmarva Power, would not say Monday night whether the power had been cut off. He said the matter was being investigated.

Lloyd Edwards said, “to keep his seven children warm, (Todd) bought a generator. It went out and the carbon monoxide consumed them.”

Bonnie Edwards described her son as a loving, caring young man who set an example for his children. “I don’t know anyone his age who would have done what he did” for his children, she said. “I was so proud to say he took care of seven kids.”

Todd was a utility worker at the nearby University of Maryland Eastern Shore, said his supervisor Stephanie Wells. Wells, who hadn’t seen Todd since March 28, said she went to the house Monday morning and knocked on the door, but no one answered. She then filed a missing-person report with police.

Princess Anne is located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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22 thoughts on “Family Of Eight Found Dead Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Maryland

  1. This is horrible things to hear. Every parent must aware that running electric generator inside home is very dangerous. Place it outside your home if you want to get back up electric power.
    Surely, electric generator releases carbon monoxide while it is running.
    This accident must become a real warning for other parents.

  2. WillowFan on said:

    The interesting thing, is when I called the power company, the workers could only tell me what I should have done – I’m like, I don’t work for the power company, sorry I don’t know the rules inside out like you. Now, can we talk about getting my power back on given that I’ve been a long-time customer??

  3. WillowFan on said:

    One has no idea the many rules the power company has when it comes to making arrangements to pay your eletric bill when you don’t have the funds. Unless you have gone through it, you can’t imagine, so I understand completely how this kind of thing can happen. Also, you don’t know what kind of burden gets created when your power has been turned off, especially if you have any kind of issues including just poverty. I experienced it last year after struggling for 17 years with a disability, I’ve been able to manage my electric bill all that time, but they added a $250 deposit to my bill – that I couldn’t afford in one chunk or in seperate chunks. End result, power was turned off.

  4. guest on said:

    This is so sad. RIP Dad, and beautiful little ones. My heart goes out to the loved ones left behind. May God comfort you all and give you peace.

  5. lisda on said:

    It also show that people in this country are truely trying to make ends meet and still struggling- America needs to wake up

  6. Guest1 on said:

    This is so sad. My heart is heavy with sadness for them and their loved ones left behind. He was a utility worker, why didn’t he know not to put a generator inside the house?

  7. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    This is an example of money being more important than a persons life. Of course I don’t know all the circumstances, but based on the article, money is more important than life itself.

    • I don’t quite think that is a fair statement. This is a tragedy of the highest order, but if he and his children deserve to have free services, why not everyone else? The utility companies provide a service for which they charge a price. If the utility companies decided to just let everyone who couldn’t pay their bills to just use the product for free, then no one would have heat. Surely, he is not the only customer that is unable to afford to pay his bills. He made a mistake in the way he tried to provide for his family. This story breaks my heart, but it’s not the utility company’s fault. It’s no one’s fault. It was an accident.

    • pac4me on said:

      Raleigh – how sad that you (who knows nothing about this family) would make the assumption that money was at the root of this tragedy. Here is a man, trying to take care of his babies and he makes the worst mistake that can be made and all you can say out loud for the world to see your lack of empathy is that it was money motivated.

  8. specialt757 on said:

    This is a very sad situation all the way around, however this is not the power company’s fault. I pray for healing for the family.

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