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Bond says that Mrs. Obama has been on BET before without the criticism and that if anyone can can truly affirm that Black girls rock, it’s her, as not just the First Lady, but the mother of two rockin’ daughters.

“Somehow when talking about affirming and empowering Black women, it’s a threat? And not just affirming herself but her two daughters? One thing people don’t recognize is that when Black girls grow up, all they see is the messages in the magazines and the commercials and on the TV and the in the movies and the videos, it tells Black girls they’re not good enough.

You’re not good enough to play the leading lady. You’re not pretty enough to sell beauty products without altering your natural aesthetic. You’re not lovable enough to be cast as the romantic interest of the men who look like you. These messages are everywhere and we have to do everything we can to counter that.”

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