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Sherri Shepherd just won’t get off this diet thing even though the Fantastic Voyage is destined to jack up anyone’s healthy eating habits. You may remember that Sherry was going to a Chinese doctor to lose 15 pounds by cruise time. So far, Sherri has lost six pounds.

“I couldn’t understand him,” Sherri said. “Until he gave me the bill. That was clear. That was very clear.”

Sherri has has patches, and some kind of metal thing in each ear which curbs her appetite.

“I love food. I think about food 24 hours a day. And I have patches over my belly. It looks like I’ve been shot six times,” she says. Hopefully this will help Sherri meet her goals but we won’t know until the cruise.

We do know what Sherri will be listening to, though. She loves the new Jodeci album, telling the group “Now I can make love again.” Hmmm, to who, though? No word of any new loves in Sherri’s life as of yet.

“I love it,” Sherri says. “When I heard they were back, I got on my knees and started praying for them. I want them to stay around. I want them to be strong. I was praying for them because it’s great that they’re back. We missed them. This business will eat you up. I want them to be strong and make great decisions.”

Sherri has a few upcoming projects – she’s still taping Soul Man, she taped an episode of  K.C. Undercover with Zendaya Coleman for The Disney Channel and she’s going dancing with Amber Riley and Jordin Sparks on Monday night, no, not on Dancing With The Stars but actually hanging out dancing.

Sherri says she’s love to return to Dancing With The Stars to compete against Wendy Williams. Williams clowned Sherri’s appearance on the show (she was voted off in the fourth round) saying she was smiling too much and cooning.

“They told me to smile. That’s what I do. I was born grinning. It’s amazing when you get voted off and then you say someone else is cooning.”

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